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Tamil Nadu: Report of diseased chickens & dead chickens

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  • Tamil Nadu: Report of diseased chickens & dead chickens

    machine translated; Difficult report, but my take is that this youth was preparing diseased & dead chickens for sale.

    Youth who cut dead birds escape

    Registration date: March 05,2013,20:51 IST
    Change the Day: March 06,2013,04:43 IST
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    Avinaci: Roadside shops to supply, cut the boy dead chickens, local leader to see the casualty.
    Avinaci Union, uppilipalaiyam iccikkattu garden area near the local office, where 25-year-old boy who cleaned chicken, cut into small pieces was small. The way the local leader kanapaticami, inquired to youth. Suddenly, he caught flow, run.

    While there, I saw birds, it is already dead chickens, avinaci, cevur road pram in the area to supply to shops and came back. Health, Revenue, and a local police chief said information. Food Security Officer turairaj, nampiyampalaiyam uppilipalaiyam government primary health centers and research conducted by the inspector paraman.

    Food security officer said, "100 dead birds and clean, shops for the supply of cleaning done. Ill and dead birds eating, many diseases. Dead birds in the same place, nankati deep trenches dug, lime and Bleaching powder was buried have, 'he said.

    The area of ​​Youth "Pulsar 'bike (T.S. me. 42 C 8700), captured, surrendered to the police. Incident, village administrative officer, has complained to the police.
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