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India: Bird Flu in Maharashta

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  • India: Bird Flu in Maharashta

    Bird Flu in Maharashtra: 1,552 poultry birds found dead

    A record 1,552 poultry birds comprising 387 in Palghar, 66 in Jalgaon, 15 in Osmanabad, 300 in Beed, 87 in Amravati and 697 in Nandurbar districts were found dead due to bird flu in Maharashtra. Incidentally, no mortality was reported in herons, sparrows, parrots and crows. The samples are being sent for testing to the National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal and Disease Investigation Section, Pune.
    More than a month since Maharashtra reported its first case of bird flu, chicken prices continue to be low, although consumption levels, the industry says, is back to normal. This is mostly because of farmers resorting to distress sales to clear their inventory.
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    Press Note date: 03.03.2021

    The press note is being issued to the media to provide updated authentic information on status of
    outbreaks of Bird Flu in Maharashtra State.

    A total mortality of 75 poultry birds has been reported on 02.03.2021 in the State
    including 14 in Beed, Latur 45 and 16 in Nandurbar district. Mortality in other birds like Herons,
    Sparrows, Parrots etc has not been reported. Mortality has been reported in 4 Crows in the state. Thus,
    in State of Maharashtra, total 79 birds have died on 02.03.2021. The samples are being sent to National
    Institute of High Security Animal Diseases in Bhopal and Disease Investigation Section, Pune for testing.
    Wherever the positive reports in Poultry Birds and Ducks have been communicated, the process
    of declaring the “Infected Zone” and activities have been initiated to enforce the prescribed preventive
    measures, as per the provisions of the Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in
    Animals Act, 2009. All poultry birds, eggs, poultry feed and droppings within a radius of 1 km from the
    poultry farm has been scientifically destroyed. So far 10,65,847 poultry birds (including 8,98,273 birds
    from Navapur, District Nandurbar); 60,75,791 eggs and 83,694 Kg poultry feed have been destroyed from
    infected zone. The Government of Maharashtra has released an amount of Rs.338.13 Lakh for
    compensation to the poultry farmers where the culling of poultry birds, disposal of eggs and poultry feed
    have been carried out in the infected zone, for containment of Bird Flu.

    In order to contain the incidences of Bird Flu without delay, the exercise of the powers conferred
    under Prevention And Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animals Act, 2009 for the
    prevention, control and eradication of Avian Influenza, Government of Maharashtra has conferred all its
    powers on all the District Collectors within their local Jurisdiction in the state of Maharashtra vide
    notification dated 12/01/2021. The process of declaration of “Alert Zone” in an area of mortality in Poultry
    birds, suspected to be died of Bird Flu and ensuring necessary precautions and preventive measures are
    undertaken under these conferred powers, by local administration.
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      'Bird flu' knocked in Nagpur district, 228 birds buried in the ground
      April 05th, 2021 10:26 IST
      Maharashtra government, Maharashtra, Maharashtra news, Maharashtra latest news, Maharashtra Hindi news
      'Bird flu' knocked in Nagpur district, 228 birds buried in the ground

      Digital Desk, Nagpur. The Nagpur district has not got rid of the Corona crisis yet that another crisis has been knocked out by 'bird flu'. At present, due to the readiness of the Department of Animal Husbandry, there has been success in preventing the disease outbreak. The department has destroyed about 228 birds by scientific method and buried them in the ground. A few months ago, the bird flu in Waranga in Nagpur district made sleep. Now a sample of chicken was sent to the laboratory for testing in Neri village of Kamathi tehsil of the district. The laboratory was informed by the laboratory to the District Animal Enhancement Department when the report came positive.

      Efforts to gain control continue day and night
      After receiving the report, Dr. Yuvraj Kane, District Animal Enhancement Officer, Dr. Umesh Hirulkar of District Animal Medical Hospital, Nagpur, Dr. Avirudh Pathak, Dr. Sapte, Dr. Bhalerao, Dr. Sirsat, Dr. Leena Patil, Dr. Avirat Sawaimul, Dr. Mangesh Kale along with other officials of the department immediately reached Neri village. More than 228 birds were destroyed by the scientific method of the campus, one kilometer from the compound where bird flu infected poultry birds (poultry) were found. Dr. Ken said that the bird flu has not spread elsewhere, so that it has been destroyed and buried in the ground. The officers and employees of the department are working day and night to prevent this. Dr. Ken has warned that those who did not bring birds to destroy, will be confiscated and destroyed. He has called for cooperation from citizens.

      No need to panic
      Citizens need not panic. Eating eggs and cooking chicken does not result in disease, but the poultry holders are not harmed, so all the care and responsibility has been taken by the department. Officers and employees of the department are working day and night. -Dr. Yuvraj Kane, District Animal Enhancement Officer, Zip