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India: Kerala - Over 5000 ducks found dead in flood-hit Kuttanad - bacterial infection

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  • India: Kerala - Over 5000 ducks found dead in flood-hit Kuttanad - bacterial infection

    Over 5000 ducks found dead in flood-hit Kuttanad, sparks panic
    Farmers in the region have suffered losses amounting to more than 1 crore rupees after several of their ducks died.
    TNM Staff
    Friday, September 21, 2018 - 10:28

    The Upper Kuttanad region is seeing a peculiar epidemic after a flock of ducks reportedly died in the past few days alone. The farmers in the region noticed that a mass number of ducks were dying. On Wednesday over 5000 ducks were found dead in the region.

    Farmers have stated that the birds would die a day or two after they appeared sick and drowsy. The state Animal Husbandry Department officials collected samples and sent them for testing to the Avian Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in Thiruvalla. The examination has revealed the cause of death as bacterial infection. Duck deaths were reported from flood-hit areas. The dead ducks were infected while being reared in contaminated waters. We have directed farmers to shift ducks from areas where infection has been reported. Distribution of medicines to prevent the disease has been started. The situation is under control and there is no need for panic, said an official to The Hindu.

    Other regions which reported large numbers of duck deaths included Budhanoor, Veeyapuram, Pallipad, Mannar, Kadapra and Niranam. A farmer from Mannar had earlier lost over 3000 ducks.
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