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Dead chickens in Itagi Village, Karnataka confirmed H5N8

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  • Dead chickens in Itagi Village, Karnataka confirmed H5N8

    Press Information Bureau
    Government of India
    Ministry of Agriculture
    11-November-2016 16:15 IST
    Status of Avian Influenza H5N8 in India

    Outbreaks of H5N8 Avian Influenza have been reported from few parts of the country.

    There is no further report of mortality from any part of Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana where post operation surveillance is going on. The samples sent from Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Gwalior (MP), Madipur (Delhi) and Rohtak (Haryana) have been tested negative for Avian Influenza.

    The mortality was reported of poultry bird (chicken) in Itagi village, Hospet Taluk of Bellary district in Karnataka. On 10-11-2016 late evening, the NIHSAD has confirmed that the samples are positive for H5N8 Avian Influenza virus.

    The state Government of Karnataka has been given the directions to initiate the control and containment operations. An officer from the Southern Regional Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Bengaluru has been deputed to Bellary for overseeing the operation and assisting the State Government.

    The control and containment operations are being carried out at various epicenters in Kerala. The situation is under control.

    BALLARI, November 13, 2016
    Updated: November 13, 2016 05:35 IST
    Bird flu: situation under control


    As many as 693 hens, infected by bird flu (H5N8), were culled in Itagi village in Hosapete taluk on Friday.

    The situation is under control from Saturday, according to Basavaraj Benni, Assistant Director (incharge) department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry.

    Following a complaint by Dadapeer, a poultry farm owner in Ittagi village that about a dozen of birds had died, Mr. Benni and his team visited the spot and performed post-mortem and found that the birds were infected by newcastle disease.

    Samples sent to Regional lab in Bengaluru found that the birds were infected by H5N8. Again the samples were sent to Bhopal for re-confirmation that it was positive.

    Following flu alert, over 600 birds culled in Ballari district

    TNN | Nov 13, 2016, 07.08 AM IST

    HUBBALLI: The animal husbandry department in Ballari on Saturday culled 500 poultry birds and 193 other birds to prevent bird flu in Itagi village of Hosapete taluk. This follows a directive from the Union agriculture ministry.
    Though the World Health Organization (WHO) warned that Avian Influenza virus H5N8, also known as bird flu, is considered less of a risk of being transmitted to humans, people panicked about it. Dr Parameshwar Naik, deputy director, animal husbandry department, Ballari, said 693 birds were destroyed scientifically on Friday and none was found with bird flu.
    "We ensured that no bird is alive in a 1-km radius of Itagi village. We deployed a team of five officials, including a doctor, in the village to monitor the situation. All chicken shops in the village are closed," he said.
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    Highly pathogenic avian influenza,
    Information received on 25/11/2016 from Mr Devendra Chaudhry, Secretary, Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, New Delhi, India
    Report type Immediate notification
    Date of start of the event 05/11/2016
    Date of confirmation of the event 10/11/2016
    Report date 25/11/2016
    Date submitted to OIE 25/11/2016
    Reason for notification Reoccurrence of a listed disease
    Date of previous occurrence 09/2016
    Manifestation of disease Clinical disease
    Causal agent Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus
    Serotype H5N8
    Nature of diagnosis Laboratory (basic), Laboratory (advanced)
    This event pertains to a defined zone within the country
    New outbreaks (1)
    Outbreak 1 Itagi, Hospet, Bellary, KARNATAKA
    Date of start of the outbreak 05/11/2016
    Outbreak status Continuing (or date resolved not provided)
    Epidemiological unit Village
    Affected animals
    Species Susceptible Cases Deaths Destroyed Slaughtered
    Birds 1593 900 900 693 0
    Summary of outbreaks Total outbreaks: 1
    Total animals affected
    Species Susceptible Cases Deaths Destroyed Slaughtered
    Birds 1593 900 900 693 0
    Outbreak statistics
    Species Apparent morbidity rate Apparent mortality rate Apparent case fatality rate Proportion susceptible animals lost*
    Birds 56.50% 56.50% 100.00% 100.00%
    *Removed from the susceptible population through death, destruction and/or slaughter
    Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection
    • Unknown or inconclusive
    Control measures
    Measures applied
    • Movement control inside the country
    • Screening
    • Disinfection / Disinfestation
    • Dipping / Spraying
    • Quarantine
    • Stamping out
    • Vaccination prohibited
    • No treatment of affected animals
    Measures to be applied
    • No other measures
    Diagnostic test results
    Laboratory name and type Species Test Test date Result
    National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal (National laboratory) Birds real-time PCR 10/11/2016 Positive
    National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases, Bhopal (National laboratory) Birds real-time reverse transcriptase/polymerase chain reaction (RRT-PCR) 10/11/2016 Positive
    Future Reporting
    The event is continuing. Weekly follow-up reports will be submitted.
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