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H5N1 virus: Central experts visit bird flu affected village

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  • H5N1 virus: Central experts visit bird flu affected village

    H5N1 virus: Central experts visit bird flu affected village

    Sun, 8 Jan 2017-12:20am , Ahmedabad , PTI

    Experts from the Union health ministry on Saturday took stock of the situation at Hathijan village in the district where over 1,400 birds were culled following the death of Guinea fowls brought from Mumbai due to bird flu.
    "Two experts from Centre's health ministry arrived here yesterday and were joined by another expert today. They carried out survey in Hathijan area and talked to locals as well as 52 persons who have been quarantined," Ahmedabad Collector Avantika Singh said.
    Singh said the situation was under control and the quarantined persons will remain under observation for at least ten more days as required by Centre's bird flu protocol.
    Fifteen members of the NGO Asha Foundation and 37 members of the animal husbandry department who carried out culling of birds have been quarantined, she said...

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    Bird Flu: 146 Many of the measures taken by the team
    Hathijan Village of Hope Foundation, as well as 5544 kg of the drug spraying pesticide in the surrounding area: 39350 homes Block checksum operation Ahmedabad, May 7, Ahmedabad Hathijan ten kilometers of the city and its surrounding area have been declared as bardaphalu after the alert was issued effective functioning of the zone. Bird flu has been taken as part of the measures taken.
    Hope Hathijan village in turkey and Guinea fowl at the foundation of birds avian influenza surveillance activities and preventive measures are taken immediately by the Municipal Health Department team received a positive report.
    The central team reached the affected area yesterday and the Government of Gujarat, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Department of Animal hasbandari team with the team.

    Operations center was inspected by the government team. Bird flu Bird malata touch the affected area, such as traces of the disease, the person may see some impact. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Hathijan village by the bird flu disease control, prevention and vigilance as part of the measures being taken by the 146 team.

    Today a population of around 185487 and 39350 homes surveillance operation was conducted. Health department staff and medical team to the affected areas with surveillance operation has been distributing disposable masks and medicines. Hathijan 5544 kg drug was spraying insecticide in areas surrounding the village of Hope Foundation. The surrounding areas have been sealed five units sold for meat, chicken and poultry. By closing plants and selling chickens and eggs are being kept an eye on her.
    Individuals involved in the operation to kill the birds and their family members have been given prophaileka Seek Tammy flu medicine. LG is being investigated by the NHL Municipal Medical College Hospital and the Rapid Response Team.

    Vigilante action ......
    A total of 146 teams have been active in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation
    Hathijan village of bird flu disease control, and the various measures taken as part of atakayata
    39350 185487 population and have been verified as household
    Disposable masks and medicines were distributed
    Hathijan Village of Hope Foundation around 5544 kg of insecticide spraying Medication
    Treated on the spot by mobile medical van
    Poultry meat chicken and seal the units have been sold around the affected area
    Chicken, egg sales of units are being sustained by close watch
    Bird persons involved in the killing of his family members have been in operation and Tammy flu medicine
    Bird flu symptoms .....
    Ahmedabad: Bird flu symptoms in the affected area appears malata individuals following exposure of birds is seen discussing his symptoms have been asked to immediately contact the health center.
    Any individuals who are strongly
    Colds, cough position remains
    If there is a persistent pain in the neck
    If you have difficulty breathing
    If persistent abdominal pain
    If you feel symptoms of diarrhea, vomitinghttps://translate.googleusercontent....qP-7OeR-ACij1g


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      Hope Foundation is openly than dead animals, dogs, crows ciraphada

      January 7, 2017 95

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      Ahmedabad has seen the dreaded bird flu situation in the whole village looked after the Collector's office in the city hathijana loopholes in the prosecution against bird flu from animal husbandry department teams. The most important question is that, caught bird flu pojhiti report came a few hours after vastralamanthi 1480 Chinese chickens who were suspected of having bird flu infection in poultry to date who has been left out? It is not being cared to investigate. Hathijanana Hope Foundation 26 maraghaono Bird flu fever positive reports from police officers had also been found loopholes in the prosecution of the declaration after a three-day bird flu. He also found the answers to many questions that have yet to put the animal on the side of a dispute between officials and administrators of Hope Foundation. Hope Foundation 26 Poultry Feed Compounding Bird flu was positive reports are eating dead animal fell off but is still hope that the Foundation's premises, even the dogs do not appear in the system. 200 potentially infected poultry are kept until Memnagar still do not see any precautions. Our travel has not been banned. Yet whether the poultry is infected, it reports what will happen on Saturday, which will also be the case where the report will be positive.

      The administrator publicly laid doctor wisp The Hope Foundation administrator to remove the bird issue was publicly killed a doctor jhudi Department of Animal Husbandry. So there was a huge uproar. Hope Foundation held last several times to remove the bird's point of dispute between the operator and the doctor walked in. Dr. Bhatt Hemang pastoral administrator of Hope Foundation. Amit kananine Hitler had three slap. Bicakyo the case was so, was forced to call the police. The Delhi team, locals demonstrations Hathijana were demonstrations against the locals in the village of Hope Foundation. Delhi, on the other hand at vantage team of three doctors. Local corporate Atul Patel said, the land is situated between the village of Hope Foundation. Now we demand that the bird flu has spread to the human population should be moved from the hospital to the future innocent locals do not become victims of this kind of event.https://translate.googleusercontent....kRNzc2RwfIFIwg


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        AHMEDABAD: In an advisory issued on Friday, the state government has asked people, especially in Ahmedabad, not to panic about bird flu. The advisory says that the state government had carried out a thorough investigation into the health of poultry birds.

        The government further said that all precautions are being taken to prevent the spread of bird flu. This includes disinfecting the area within 10-km radius of Asha Foundation premises. The government has culled all the birds within one-km area of the affected premises of Asha Foundation.

        Meanwhile, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) claimed that 143 teams had checked around 1.94 lakh people and even inspected 40,381 houses. AMC officials said that all precautions were taken for the staff involved in the operation in the affected area. Even the family of those involved in the operation were under observation and had been given preventive medicines.

        A total of 7,118 kg of pesticides was also sprinkled in the area. At least five establishments selling chicken and eggs were also sealed by AMC officials. LG Municipal and NHL Municipal Hospital buildings were under watch for signs of infected persons from the Hatijan area.