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India: Bihar: Death of 55 birds under investigation

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  • India: Bihar: Death of 55 birds under investigation

    More than 50 fishermen die in mysterious condition in Muzaffarpur News
    Publish Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2019 10:15 PM (IST)

    Muzaffarpur, JNN Fifty-five birds died in the mysterious condition of Lakshmi Nagar of Bela. At the same time, the situation of many have remained worrying. The team of Forest and Animal Husbandry Department, which reached the notice, examined the causes of death. Veterinarians tried to know the cause of death by post mortem in the provincial animal hospital in the Banaras Bank Chowk of dead birds. The Forest Department is also investigating the causes of death.

    Praveen Shankar Dubey resident of Bela Lakshmi Nagar told that a tree located in his residence complex has hundreds of birds lodging. Due to the continuous rain due to the last three days, dozens of birds started to die suddenly. More than fifty died in three days. When he was wrapped in warm clothes, he got some relief. Information about the death of the birds was given to the District Magistrate. On the orders of the Animal Husbandry and Forest Department officials examined, but the reason for the death could not be ascertained.

    About this, animal husbandry department, veterinary officer Dr. Avinash Kumar said that there is a possibility of the death of the birds due to the change in weather. And on death, on Wednesday, trying to find out the reason for doing post mortem. As a precaution, medicines have been given to the landlord.

    Posted by: Ajit Kumar
    Twitter: @RonanKelly13
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