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Dengue and malaria cases

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  • Dengue and malaria cases


    Dengue, malaria strike Karimnagar district

    Express News Service
    First Published : 27 Aug 2009 03:56:00 AM IST
    Last Updated : 27 Aug 2009 10:40:17 AM IST

    KARIMNAGAR: People in the district are now panicking not over the pandemic called swine flu but over the outbreak of viral fevers, especially dengue and malaria.

    More than 15 positive cases of dengue have been detected across the district.

    Hospitals in towns and interior areas are filled with patients suffering from these fevers.

    Despite the measures taken by the health department, hundreds of people, mostly from the interior areas, are bedridden.

    Outbreak of viral fevers during July and August in the last couple of years has become a regular feature in the district.

    Over 15 dengue positive cases are detected at various places and many people with dengue-like fever symptoms are rushing to Hyderabad to get themselves admitted to private hospitals because of lack of medical kits in the district. District hospital superintendent Anatha Rao, however, says there has been no single case of dengue detected or reported so far.

    Not only in the tribal areas the impact is felt in towns also. A malaria case has been reported from Jyothinagar.

    A government teacher, Sampath Kumar (57), has been confirmed to be suffering from malaria. Dengue cases have also been reported from Mankammathota where C Janardhan Reddy (65) and his daughter Sudha (40) have been suffering from the fever for several days. A Latha (37), A Shravya (17) and Sandeep Kumar (22) have shown dengue- like symptoms and have been rushed to Hyderabad for treatment.

    Dr M Radhakrishna, who did Ph.D in Virology from Kakatiya University and worked in the district studying the causes of epidemics in 2004, said a study by the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune had found that Chandipura virus struck the Yellareddypet and Mahadevpur forest areas following heavy deforestation and major construction activities. The virus, which plagues animals normally, struck humans living an unhygienic conditions.

    He suggested establishment of at least one virology field laboratory in the tribal areas.

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    Re: Dengue and malaria cases


    Dengue fever claims nine lives in the district so far
    Published by: Noor Khan
    Published: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 at 14:24 IST

    Karimnagar (AP), Sep 28 The death toll due to Dengue fever reached to nine in the district with three more deaths reported from the district yesterday.

    Three persons -- K Sadaiah (32) of Molangur village of Shankarpatnam mandal, Razia Khan (40), and Syed Abid (27) of the district died due to Dengue fever, with this death due to dengue fever has gone to nine in the district.

    Earlier P Sunitha (20) D Sujatha (30), Amereen (20) Baddam Swami Reddy (48) and G Lalitha (44) died to this fever recently.

    The Minister for Higher Education and NRI Affairs, D Sridhar Babu said that the sanitiation drive has been intensified in the district to control Dengue fever and other epidemic diseases.


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      Re: Dengue and malaria cases


      7 Die of Dengue Fever in Andhra Pradesh
      Karimnagar (AP) | Oct 07, 2009

      Seven persons including two women died of dengue fever in Karimnagar district during last two days, official sources said.

      T Vijayalaxmi (40) wife of a constable in Karimnagar town died due to dengue virus in Hyderabad last night, while Tallapalli Rajaiah (50) an farm labour of Nizamabad village in Konaraopet mandal, Syed Anwar (22) an auto driver of Subhash Nagar locality of Karimnagar peoper, died of dengue fever, in separate hospitals, they said.

      The others who died due to dengue fever were: Borla Lachavva (68) of Thimmapur mandal headquarters, A Ashok of Adarsha Nagar locality of Karimnagar town, Boge Saikumar (13) of Gunjapadugu village in Manthani mandal and Swargam Anjaneyulu (40) of Kothapalli village.

      Even though the district administration has taken up special drive to control the epidemic diseases, the deaths due to dengue fever are not controlled.

      Meanwhile, Praja Rajyam activists staged 'sit-in' in front of the municipal corporation demanding to take measures and clean the area.


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        Re: Dengue and malaria cases


        Tuesday, October 27, 2009 6:28 PM IST

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        Guntur in grip of malaria

        Express News Service
        First Published : 27 Oct 2009 04:42:00 AM IST
        Last Updated : 27 Oct 2009 11:42:28 AM IST

        GUNTUR: Guntur has been declared as a high-risk city by the district health administration what with the number of dengue and malaria cases registering a spurt on an unprecedented scale.

        It is estimated that almost 35 people were taking treatment for dengue at various private hospitals in the city and most of these people belong to the Guntur city which is home to the largest number of slums infested with mosquitoes.

        Nearly 70 blood samples taken from those suspected to have been affected by dengue are currently pending with the Guntur General Hospital for testing. Besides the Guntur city alone, over the last 10 to 15 days reported 258 cases of vivax malaria, seven cases of malaria falciparum and 193 cases of malaria. While plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falciparum are the microbes which cause vivax malaria and falciparum malaria respectively, plasmodium malariae causes what is generally known as malaria.

        Meanwhile, both vivax malaria and falciparum malaria are known to be severe with immuno suppression being at a n advanced stage, the general malaria is cured easily.

        DM&HO M Gopi Naik is learnt to have written to the Director of Health, Hyderabad, V Dasaratha Rami Reddy, for immediate steps to prevent worsening of the situation. The State Government has directed the District Health department to conduct 36 medical camps in as many slums in the city.

        Besides, the Health department said that almost 11 such medical camps would be held in Macherla and Chilakaluripet municipalities besides 18 in Bapatla, 12 in Ponnur, eight in Mangalagiri, 14 in Sattenapalli and 11 in Tenali.

        District malaria officer, P Anil Kumar, told Express that the State Government was even sending some doctors on deputation to tide over the problem.