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Govt plays 'fowl' with poultry farmers

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  • Govt plays 'fowl' with poultry farmers

    Govt plays 'fowl' with poultry farmers

    George Koshy

    Posted Saturday , October 28, 2006 at 13:42
    Updated Saturday , October 28, 2006 at 14:31

    LONG WAIT: The residents still wait for the postmen to bring them their compensation.

    Navapur: The poultry farmers of Navapur, the epicentre of the Bird flu epidemic this year, lost birds, feed and eggs, their only means of livelihood. The only thing they are looking forward to is the long promised compensation for their losses.

    But most of the farmers feel the Government made empty promises.

    ?We didn?t get anything. Only nine or 10 people were given five kgs of kits,? a resident of Navapur, Nirmalaben Gamit says.

    The Government has not just distributed far less than the things promised, but also missed out most of the people entitled for compensation.

    The compensation package comprises of:

    The affected can accept either a cycle, a hand-cart or a sewing machine all of which are valued at about Rs 1,700 each.

    There is also a five kg child nourishment package that consists of a kilo of peas and a kilo of dal among other grains.

    The farmers could also take loans through a banks to acquire cattle or to setup a general store.

    But even with the meager compensation, the administration and villagers find they are unable to agree.

    "All those above poverty line have been compensated, Those below poverty line have not been compensated,? says Taluka Development Officer, UCCHAL, H P Vaghela.

    ?When we asked the authorities, they told us ?we?ve sent all the related papers and reports to higher authority and once we get to know, we?ll tell you?,? a resident of Navapur, Jayantibhai Purashkar says.

    In fact each resident was asked to fill up the forms for the rehabilitation packages and eventhough most of the farmers had filled the form, only a few managed to get the relief.

    There are still many more villagers that are yet to receive their compensation, but the district administration maintains that every person due to get compensation has been given his share.

    So as the conflict continues to rage, the suffering of the villagers doesn?t seem to get any better. And their only hope in the bleak future is the compensation.
    ?Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights ? that must be our call to arms"
    Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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