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Bangladesh to consider the import of eggs and poultry in order to stabilize the price
Chinese agriculture 2012-05-16 Information Source: China Animal Husbandry

Although India is still avian influenza, but the Government of Bangladesh is still considered the eggs and poultry imports from India to solve the problem of soaring feed costs as well as avian influenza caused by domestic poultry and egg prices soared.
The traders said that the Myanmar jade Thailand's poultry industry is well developed in these two countries has also been listed as a potential source of imports. Bangladesh on the retail market, the price of the price of eggs each and every kilogram of chicken increased by 10% and 30%, 10 Dhaka ($ .12) and 165 Dhaka ($ 2.02). Local chicken farm price of day old chicks increased 15 Dhaka ($ 0.18) to 65 Dhaka ($ 0.80).
Bangladesh Commerce Department officials said the government is considering to resume imports of eggs and day old chicks in a limited time, because the local market price is beyond the scope of the average consumer can afford. The question now is, most poultry-producing countries in Asia has in recent years, outbreaks of avian flu records, which also have to weigh the pros and cons of the resumption of trade in Bangladesh.
Affected by avian influenza and feed expensive, since the beginning of 2012, Bangladesh has more than 6000 poultry farms were forced to close.