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Services in govt hospitals, dispensaries come to a halt (India)

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  • Services in govt hospitals, dispensaries come to a halt (India)

    BHUBANESWAR: Emergency veterinary and animal husbandry services in the State came to a grinding halt on Monday after veterinary officers struck work demanding a cadre restructure.

    With 1,100-odd veterinary doctors going off duty, 540 government hospitals as well as dispensaries were paralysed.

    Day-to-day drug production, surveillance and farming activities were badly hit.

    The Orissa Government did not expect the strike on a day when elections were announced by the Election Commission of India. This would mean the Government can not even make an announcement to appease the striking veterinary doctors, as was the case with other government services.

    The doctors have been seeking Junior Class I status at the entry level, like that of the general doctors besides service benefits which the Government has granted to other services.

    The strike meant the crucial bird flu surveillance work in bordering areas of the State have come to a halt. After the deadly avian influenza broke out in neighbouring states, Orissa has virtually sealed its borders by undertaking a strong prevention exercise in Balasore and Mayurbhanj districts.

    “It’s a matter of concern since emergency services are going to be affected by the strike,” Director, Veterinary Services Bishnupada Sethi said.

    The strike completely paralysed Orissa Biological Products Institute (OBPI) which produces 60,000 units of vaccines every day to meet daily requirement.

    Similarly, the functioning of Animal Diseases Research Institute (ADRI) also was paralysed by the strike. All Central Government-sponsored programmes were affected while activities in about two dozen cattle, poultry, sheep and goat farms were hit too.

    What’s more, the strike would deal a severe blow to Nandankanan Zoo which is dependent on its lone hospital for diet and animal care services. All the three veterinary doctors - a senior veterinary officers and two VAS - already have served ceasework notice on the Zoo authorities. They would not report to work from Tuesday.

    “We have requested Regional Centre for Wildlife Health, a unit established at Orissa College of Veterinary Science with support from Central Zoo Authority to extend animal care support during the strike,” Director, Nandankanan Zoo, Ajit Kumar Patnaik said. A retired officer on contract basis will also be roped in.

    Besides animal care, meat for carnivores are quality-checked by veterinary doctors at the Zoo everyday and the strike will hit it too.
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