New bird flu virus H6N2 comes to roost

Syed Akbar | TNN | Apr 2, 2018, 11:22 IST

HYDERABAD: A new bird flu virus has been brought to the country by migratory birds causing concern among researchers and health experts.

The novel avian influenza virus(AIV) is a reassorted variety of H6N2, which is capable of infecting human beings too. The good news, however, is the new strains of bird flu virus H6N2 are susceptible to the anti-flu drug Oseltamivir. But it could emerge as a “possible pandemic strain”.

Though the two newstrains were discovered in Assam and Kerala, experts fear that they can spread to newstates as they were introduced by migratory birds. Telangana and Andhra Pradesh get migratory birds in large numbers every year.


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