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Bird flu's economic health was worse than Maurgipalcon

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  • Bird flu's economic health was worse than Maurgipalcon

    Bird flu's economic health was worse than Maurgipalcon

    Bs correspondent / Guwahati / Kolkata December 19, 2008

    Bird flu in Assam state from the effects of Gahrane Maurgipalcon businesses and daily loss of 2.21 crore is going on.

    Afaaramors the All Assam Poultry Association (Aapafa), according to the poultry sector linked to the state's nearly 5.5 million people of Rosie - the bread is affected. Meanwhile, news that the Government of West Bengal about 25 thousand chickens in the state to kill the target set.

    Chairman of the Aapafa Rajiv Sarma, Assam's Business Standard reported that the poultry industry because of the disease so far nearly 60 crore loss has happened. Sarma said that the condition of poor families has been absolutely pathetic that Rosie - for the bread depends on the business of the chickens.

    Not only that the chicken producers of the area's condition is worst, where the disease has not spread your legs are. So that his chickens is not ready to buy any nor feed the chickens in the market for food is available.

    According to him, twice a year from bird flu attack without government support of the poultry farmers is very difficult to get back in business. Sarma appealed to the government that it is the rehabilitation of the affected poultry producers should start work soon.

    According to him, big or small poultry producers, all of the capital at this time is over. In such a government that he should come out with a rehabilitation program to improve the condition of these growers as possible. He said that if it does not happen, more than half will be Chaupat Maurgipalcon business.

    According to Sarma, the current situation in poultry producer, one will not have any bank debt. We demand that the Government of the affected producers in the interest of any steps it. So that the business again to start the money could be arranged.

    They also demand that be in this business far more profitable business with people linked to poultry breeding pig or goat breeding pair not to be. Noted that the first bird flu in Assam's Kamrup district on November 27, was found.

    After the spread rapidly across the state, it has been. According to the latest information received, his feet now bird flu city Guwahati, Bongaigaon and Barpeta has also spread. That's not even news that the virus also affected some of the news.

    According to Sarma, the state's 60 per cent of chickens in areas unaffected by bird flu are spread on the lack of food and their purchase - because of the ban on the sale of these growers in the area of the state is worst.

    They demanded that their chickens are being killed, the Government them a little - very giving compensation. Sarma, the Government demanded that the chickens for food for poultry products are not, so it should be allowed to sell.

    If not a grain - in the absence of water on the death of the chickens should get compensation to farmers. Meanwhile, the Assam state government has said the situation in under control. Government, according to the state's 6 of 9 districts in places more than 35 million chickens have been killed so far.

    While the producers in lieu of more than 2 million rupees has already been compensated. Meanwhile, West Bengal Animal Resources Development Minister Anisur Rahman said that under the vigilance of poultry products from Malda to ban is sending out.

    According to him, the state government of all possible measures to prevent the spread of the virus is doing. Meanwhile, the Central Government on the killing of chickens to meet the increase in compensation is made.