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Bird flu threat not to eat chicken

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  • Bird flu threat not to eat chicken

    Bird flu threat not to eat chicken
    Dec 18, 11:56 pm

    New Delhi, prayer team: the threat of bird flu in the capital Delhi not After ऐहतियातन also alert has been declared. Gaajipur on three levels of the market in Murgo is being investigated. Murgo with the cleaning and Buhadkhane drug spraying is being given special attention. Alerts to be announced after the market Gaajipur chicken in the Department of Health has deployed several teams. After receipt and sale of its Murgo reduction has not come. Retailers, according to the incoming due to the increase in the rate of Murgo have been less.

    Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board Chairman of the Brahma Yadav said in Delhi that the threat of bird flu is not. Even after this careful, the alert has been declared in Delhi. He said that three levels of scrutiny on the team are engaged. First-level investigation on chicken Mandi gate of the main poultry farm team coming from the investigation Murgo said. On the second level of Murgaen carat trucks from time Utarte Infoorsment investigation team said. Doctors at the end of the investigation team said. He said that eliminating the sick and dead Murgo have been ordered. Chicken special focus on sanitation in the market is going. Sometimes the drugs are being sprayed. The team of doctors, and Seniteshna Infoorsment also instructed the department said. Also located here Buhadkhane is being cleaned. After the investigation for cutting Murgo is being sent.

    Marketing Committee of the chicken market, said official daily, Gaajipur in the chicken market and half a hundred hundred Gadizayan come. 121 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to 146 to 101 Gadizayan had come.

    Gaajipur wholesaler in the chicken market Gurpal Singh and Haji Aslam said Murgo bulk of the reduction in the rate has not. Murgo of 37 rupees from 44 trade price is between Rs. However, the retailers 20 to 40 rupees per kilo rate is reduced. Shopkeepers said the retail market in inward cock because of the rise in the rate has been reduced. Now in the chicken retail price is between 80 to 90 rupees.

    Here, also in west Delhi Bird flu is appearing not be affected. People in the plate of chicken as before exists. Market experts say the growing demand for chicken in the cold and is extended. Delhi and surrounding areas until the symptoms of bird flu will not appear, this business will not be affected. There, 40 per thousand of chicken eggs and 20 trucks are supplied. This past week in growth. Poalrtri form of Sonipat, said Suleaman December 25 after the increase in the price of chicken can be.

    The Department of Health also is not worried about it. Nazafgadh hospital located Vetonre Inspector Prem Prakash, said a bird flu office of the Director instructions on them is given. Yet not part of any kind have been received.

    What says poultry expert

    Experts of the poultry market chicken Gaajipur MP Dr Singh said the Delhi Forum Bird flu does not need to fear. Bird flu in Delhi till now has not spread. In Delhi, Haryana and Punjab mainly come from chicken and eggs. Rajasthan, Saharanpur Uattar Pradesh and Delhi's Alipur, Nangloi, Mehrauli Nazafgadh and some inward from the poultry farm is. Delhi's chicken were brought to market the vaccine are given Murgo. Sales of chicken in the market for those who bring a doctor's certificate that would also bring Murgo has been given the vaccine.

    What is bird flu

    The birds are going to have a fever. Is the victim of human flu, as poultry, Bttak and other birds are suffering from a fever. It is called bird flu. It Avian Flu, Avian influenza and H 5 N 1 is also known by the name of. Poultry farms regularly to the vaccine in chicken is very low risk of spread. The disease usually is in domestic poultry.

    Disease is spread more in winter

    Birds are victims of bird flu ever could. Much of the winter weather in India in the number of migratory birds come. Sick migratory bird faeces through urine, the variance in the water, and drink water, drink water from the risk of its spreading. In addition, infected birds or chicken from the disease spreads. Human contact with infected birds from coming in in the grip of bird flu may come. The major victims are domestic chicken, because it keeps moving in the open.

    Chicken infected with bird flu symptoms

    Victim of bird flu on a chicken on the face of swelling is coming. His red body and red Kalgi Hkatto up. The eyes are red chicken feet and are perverse. Careful watch on bird flu-infected poultry are know. The first case came in 1997 when Hong Kong resident person was a victim of bird flu. Bird flu outbreak in humans with the H 5 N 1 is said. High fever infected person, and viral pneumonia is. Sometimes there is blood mixed diarrhea. Showing symptoms of the disease a few days after suffering respiratory and other body organs may also be in the mix.

    Measures to avoid

    Bird flu infected birds is the only way to end it. And not over Murgo infected birds to humans and infected birds on the second go. Those who cut the chicken bird flu risk more lives. Bird flu in India so far the vaccine is not available. Although the U.S. have made it invented the vaccine.