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India - Rajasthan: death of peacocks in Sariska Tiger Reserve a concern

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  • India - Rajasthan: death of peacocks in Sariska Tiger Reserve a concern

    Death of peacocks in Sariska a concern

    TNN | Updated: Apr 18, 2018, 08:01 IST

    ALWAR: Deaths of peacocks in Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) has become a cause of concern for STR officials. Increasing numbers of peacocks are dying in buffer range area of Bala Kila area of STR.

    In the past 15 days, large numbers of peacocks have died in the area. But, the reason of their deaths has not been ascertained yet. However, veterinary doctors claiming that it must be related to hailstorm.

    The STR has conducted post-mortem of peacocks to find out the cause of the deaths. It has been found that the peacocks had infection in their liver. But, it has not been ascertained what is the root cause of liver infection in peacocks.

    Vetrinary doctor Sobhagyadeep Sharma, who conducted the postmortum, said the cause of death of peacock is liver infection. It could be bacterial, fungal or viral infection. But, he ruled out the possibility that of death due to feeding of some poisonous substance.
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