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India - 450+ Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

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  • India - 450+ Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

    Last years thread: India Cold Deaths Winter 2011-2012 - 450+ fatalities

    Machine translated:
    Uttar Pradesh
    Learn six cold killer claimed
    Updated on: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 10:52 PM (IST)

    Gorakhpur: falling over the last four days of severe cold in Gorakhpur and Basti division took six lives. Three in the last 24 hours from the cold in Kushinagar, Gorakhpur, killing the two and Siddharth.

    Ksya Kushinagar district area deployed chef went to primary school Bluhin Mdariptty Devi (55 years) died from the cold Thursday night. The dinner and slept at night and in the morning found dead in bed.

    Similarly, the Gram Sabha Khajuria resident Ramcrn Nebua Naurngia police Friday morning at seven that were going to the toilet suddenly fell out of the village. Rural picked them brought home but died. Bisesr the death of the village (55) ten minutes a day. He came out of his house and he sat down next to the water, which he died. Gorakhpur, aged Vindeshwari Jngha police Thursday night after dinner went to sleep in his hut. Friday morning when her parents went to wake the dead.

    Similarly Pandeypar Ggha area resident Becn Prasad (20 years) died of cold death on Friday. Thursday night, he is said to have dinner and slept. Morning until late pick-up Becn the family when he was dead.

    Ashfaq district Siddharth Nagar Ward (औsanpur) Eleven-year-old resident of Shyam Lal girl doll was going to sleep at night after dinner and suddenly the entire body started shivering from the cold. Family members were taking her to the primary health center in the same way she died.
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    Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

    Uttar Pradesh is currently undergoing a period of cold weather. The following reports come from the Jagran - a Hindi language newspaper. A number of fatalities have been reported in the last 48 hours or so. Most are being attributed to the cold weather, but from the reporting below it seems that various diseases and fevers may also be playing a part. - Ro

    machine translated
    Uttar Pradesh
    Board of cold and death
    Updated on: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 11:22 PM (IST)

    Board of cold and death

    Senior Correspondent, Allahabad: gradually peaking is cold. Board of cold Kaushambi district on Saturday, killing an elderly. Earlier, two people have died in Allahabad. It tehsil officials have relatives of the deceased. However, the maximum temperature on Saturday declined by more than four degrees. Melting in the day forced the people to be refugees. By noon the sun was hidden in fog lapped, though mild sunshine out there but was ineffective.

    Kaushambi district, tehsil Sadar area of ​​the Gram Panchayat Mahewagat resident of the hamlet of Creditable Ahirn Kamta Prasad (65) was seriously ill two days. COMETA died on Saturday. About 12 pm Partly sunny afternoon. But enjoy the cool breeze and plenty of sun could not melt the people. Then his tone was cold in the evening. Ktrane cold wave began to get out of their houses. On the other mercury maximum 19.2 and minimum 5.7 degrees Celsius on Saturday. While Friday's Mercury 5.2 degrees Celsius maximum and minimum was 23.7. Something minimum temperatures have increased, but has risen to thaw overnight. Adding that the fog and dense. Shitlhri will do.

    Unknown young man died from cold
    Updated on: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 08:15 PM (IST)

    Banda, July Rep: atarra the Banda Road near Sai temple in the nude body of a man was found. The cause of death is being reported to cold.

    The information given to the police by local citizens. Police believe that the death of 25-year-old from the cold. Atarra Punchnama police and autopsy of the corpse is made.

    Including two women died from the cold
    Updated on: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 08:20 PM (IST)

    Basti: genetic crunching head up on Saturday and said the effect of cold. Civil and cold in Dubulia two people were killed, including women.

    35-year-old son Raju Pandey Jamdih native medicine practitioner first event Sumirn Waltrganj returned at night. After eating dinner and suddenly having pain in his stomach and began to tremble from the cold. He then began vomiting diarrhea. Immediately he took the drug, but his condition worsened again in the morning. Unless he kin to the hospital until he died.

    The second event is Guwanv Dubulia village police. 45-year-old resident of the village Ramjnk wife Parvati suddenly catch cold on a Saturday morning. He began to tremble and then got stomach cramps. They arrived at the district hospital where the kin Parvati died during treatment.

    Cold-hit, two were killed
    Updated on: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 07:15 PM (IST)

    Ghazipur: cold fury had swept a Saturday. So far, two have been killed by the cold. People are at home indoors because of the bitter cold. Railway Station, Ceylon, roadways etc. traveler Titurte appeared elsewhere. Humans, not animals - birds seen suffering from cold.

    Everyone was helpless before nature. Blanket of fog early in the morning on the vehicles crawling forced. Small children go to school in the most trouble. Despite the ongoing examination of primary and secondary students - reduce the number of students staying. Silence prevailed in the government offices. Sporadical saw the attendance of the staff. The district hospital children and elderly patients is becoming increasing. He said that the weather will not change for a few days now. Drop in temperature can be. Casimabad: chakia the Sarfraz (55) in the water at the time of the killing fields at night. Muhammadabad: cold due to the town's people are suffering. Garden adjacent to the town remained unidentified person's body was found in the cottage. Been feared that her death was cold. 35-year-old red sweater, beige shirt and was wearing blue pants. It will be disclosed only after the autopsy. The cold not only the human animal - bird appeared badly. In the absence of a system of town bonfire Titurte seen from the cold.

    Zoya a death in the cold
    Updated on: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 10:47 PM (IST)

    Amroha. District, killed by severe cold. Saturday morning Zoya - Steady unknown person's body was found on the route. His body was frozen from the cold. Police have sent the body for autopsy.

    Name of clothing on the body was a mere old paint and shirt and was wrapped polythene. Charge information including Muay Force Inspector RP Singh arrived at the scene. Through the crowd attempted to identify the deceased, but without success. After filling Punchnama body sent for autopsy. People around the deceased was a beggar, and was seen last week carefully walk on the square. It was said that the deceased's body from the cold and his body was too little clothing.

    The death of old age, fear of being cold
    Updated on: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 01:30 AM (IST)
    Gursahaiganj, Anpr.: Living near power house of an old woman died. To cold around people feared death. After his death, his funeral was the people of the neighborhood.

    Died on Friday night. Day the incident occurred. In this regard, local Rambabu Botham said the old woman had any other province. Someone did not understand his language. For several days he was unwell visible. Feared death from old age is winter. The civil Dhirendra Arya, Neeraj Mishra, Krishna Yadav, Ravindra Saxena woman was cremated and people.

    Cold death of the aged
    Updated on: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 08:52 PM (IST)

    Two days was feeling bad

    Mahewagat, Kaushambi: Sadar tehsil area in a village, killing an elderly cold. It is given to employee relatives related revenue.

    In this regard, the Gram Panchayat Mahewagat Ahirn hamlet of Creditable Munnalal resident reported that his father Kamta Prasad (65) was seriously ill two days. The local doctors had cold illness. On Saturday evening, his condition deteriorated and died. This family grief atmosphere.

    Melt the increased difficulty, two dead
    Updated on: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 10:26 PM (IST)

    Maharajganj: The thaw was a Saturday. Human or animal bird are devastated by the cold. Markets and is showing clear effect of cold on the streets. Get out of the house from the cold are avoided.

    Are taking to avoid freezing the bonfire. Blankets were distributed to the poor in the city. The cold is less trouble for the poor.

    Inset -

    Two deaths due to cold

    Sbya molded, Maharajganj

    Local Sbya North Tola resident Ramchandra Govind son of 40 died from cold last night.

    In this Gugli under police died from cold to contract.

    According to the information of the Gram Sabha Pakdiar Bisunpur Mgdha parish resident 32 year old son Keshav consent Kptanganj his home Friday night was nearly nine o'clock. People around when she arrived she was found dead.

    Two dead from cold fever and diarrhea
    Updated on: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 08:38 PM (IST)

    Mainpuri: sudden burst of cold diseases have also knocked. Diarrhea fever and cold on Saturday, the two victims died in the district hospital.

    Village of Tehsil Sadar area resident Gyaprasad Dnnahar Bhurelale Friday the 27-year-old son had a sudden acute fever. Kin brought the district hospital, where he died during treatment Bhure Lal. 70-year-old resident of the village Jtpura Kurawali area where cold diarrhea from Munni Devi died in the district hospital. District hospital physician Dr. AK Gupta points out that the defense kept growing cold, cold starting can be fatal.

    The death of a young woman cutting rice
    Updated on: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 06:28 PM (IST)

    Sonbhadra / Ramgarh: Pnnuganj police came to the young woman cutting rice in the village Friday night Sibpur suspect died recently. Family members have died from the cold. The death toll has risen to three in this manner is cold.

    A phalanx of police Piprkhad cone of laborers from the village came Sibpur for cutting rice. The 18-year-old daughter Sita Rani was also in the group. Sibpur Rani was only two days before the fever. Although he was not treated elsewhere. Friday morning she was fine but the evening his condition was serious. She was shivering too. Looking at it with family members and the workers were going to sleep. Event information was passed on to the farmer. After the incident in the village Chaotic - became an atmosphere of panic. District continues the brunt of the cold. Times higher than the melting Saturday. Death is too cold. The biggest problem facing the poor.
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      Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

      Uttar Pradesh
      machine translated

      Cold claimed eight lives
      Updated on: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 10:12 PM (IST)

      Sant Kabir Nagar and Deoria Gorakhpur these three and two - two and Kushinagar is a man.

      The 40-year-old resident of Rampur village in Gorakhpur Ranapratap silent Ggha police Saturday morning cold fell off the motorcycle. She was admitted to hospital district hospital where he died in the afternoon.

      Jgha Belwa of police, resident Adya Prasad (58) was running water in their fields at night. His health worsened during the cold spell. At night he admitted to the local hospital, where he died shortly after. Ahiruli Khurd village Ramavd Bri (65) slept in the porch after dinner Saturday night. On Sunday morning he was found dead in bed.

      Deoria district grams of saliva Block Mtiara Rhadt Ansari and Bhagalpur town resident resident Jagdish Sahni Gangaddin wife Munni Devi died due to cold.

      58-year-old resident of the village Pauli district of the city Sntkbir Moinuddin died Saturday night cold. Similarly, 58-year-old village resident Pidhari Hraya his victims to brave the cold. Two deaths in instant panic.

      Kushinagar district Ksya Shiva temple town on Saturday night behind 70-year-old died from cold.
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        Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

        ANS LUCKNOW, DECEMBER 24, 2012 | UPDATED 10:21 IST
        26 dead in UP as cold wave intensifies

        Even as the fog receded in most parts of Uttar Pradesh on Monday, 26 people have died in the last 24 hours because of the extreme cold, officials said.

        The deaths were reported from Basti, 6, Jaunpur, 4, Ballia, 4, Mirzapur, 2, Varanasi, Bhadohi and Chandauli (1 each). Dense fog has also caused road accidents, in which as many as six have died.

        With mercury falling below 11 degrees Celsius in the day, and with minimum temperature falling below four degrees Celsius, the district magistrate of Lucknow has ordered closure of all schools and colleges in the state capital till January 5.

        Read more at:

        24 DEC, 2012, 07.42PM IST,
        Cold wave tightened its grip over most parts of North India; death toll touches 11

        Cold wave tightened its grip over most parts of North India; death toll touches 11
        NEW DELHI: Cold wave tightened its grip over most parts of North India claiming six more lives in the region, which wore a blanket of fog this morning disrupting normal life.

        Five more persons were killed in Uttar Pradesh, taking toll during the last two days to 10 in the state, while one person died due to chill in Jammu and Kashmir.
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          Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013


          Cold wave stings city, claims second life
          Amritsar, December 23
          Stung by the cold wave, the city witnessed another death of a destitute on Sunday. A man in his fifties died of cold on the roadside in the Sultanwind area this morning. This is second death due to cold in the city. On November 13, an unknown man in his mid-forties was found dead near Shivala Temple. The case was closed with remarks ‘unknown beggar-type person died of cold’.

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            Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

            Uttar Pradesh
            Machine translated from Hindi

            Three killed in cold
            Updated on: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 10:12 PM (IST)

            News reporter, Allahabad: mercury continues to fall. Disrupted normal life - have been busy. On Monday, two people died from the cold. Her family home remedies, but rather relieved to see him take the city were being treated in the way he died.

            According to the representative Lediari Indrkli (65) resident Kathvl full Kheri, after defecation in the evening then she felt cold. The home remedies were the only family that died.

            On the other hand, according to the Office Saini Kotwali Kaushambi Juggeelal Jhanpur village resident's daughter Vimala Devi (17) died from the cold. The brick - kiln was working on. Monday morning was a sudden pain in her body and she was worried. Vimala find some of the family had stopped breathing.


            Cold fury, nine dead
            Updated on: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 08:00 PM (IST)

            Allahabad: Allahabad division continues havoc in the cold. Within the last twenty-four hours in cold Pratapgarh earthquake, killing eight people, including a head. An elderly man died due to cold in Kaushambi. On Tuesday, the minimum temperature of eight degrees Celsius. Defiance of the season, the district administration is taking negligence. The bonfire was neither proper nor blankets to the poor are to be delivered. Nightshelters has not yet built. Aquarius is in poor condition. Sadhu Sant Kanpakpanti are engaged in building their camp in the cold.

            Many days the sun is hidden in the sky. Must be sunny for a while on Tuesday failed to thaw. Swivel Nokelal Bswahi village chief's condition suddenly deteriorated Monday evening when the family took him to the doctor. His breath was stopped during the treatment. Similarly, police Sngramgdh resident of Lala market Bchan Patel, Trilochnpur Cendeelal resident, resident Cvinath Maurya Sekpur dense, Kama Sngramgdh resident Radha Devi, mother of God Kalakankr Vasn resident of the hamlet, village resident Atgwan Asapur bar area full moon Goud tehsil, block Lcshmnpur Shahida Banu Multanipur Brgdiha resident of the village were killed due to cold. Kaushambi office awake at night by an old woman died due to cold.

            Freezing death of farmer
            Updated on: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 08:18 PM (IST)

            Lalganj (Azamgarh): wheat field being irrigated while 62-year-old farmer died of cold. The event took place Tuesday evening in the village Devganv Manikpur police station area.

            The village resident Kishore Chauhan (62) Self son. Feru had left home in the morning to irrigate wheat field. Sudden onset of abdominal pain at about 4 pm, he returned home to the farm. Body Vibration seeing Lalganj health center for treatment of her family were preparing to move the door broke his life. After the news arrived at the residence of the deceased and the regional legislator Saroj Beci saturated mourning family far from being spartan regain composure. SDM Lalganj wife Pandey Farmers Insurance Plan actions necessary to give notice to the MLA said.

            Old woman died from cold
            Updated on: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 12:13 AM (IST)

            Binauli: cold Bijvadha resident died of old age. Within two days, freezing is the second death. Although the administration has expressed ignorance of death from cold. Bijvadha resident Narayani (62) Wife self. Tarachand's health suddenly worsened Tuesday morning. The treatments were given goody personal physician. Old woman died in the afternoon. According to family physicians reported death from the cold. Earlier in the day before Brnawa Anvri died due to the cold. The death of old cold Upjiladikari Rajendra Singh is ignorance.

            Cold diarrheal deaths of two children, 30 recruitment
            Updated on: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 02:30 AM (IST)

            News Office, Bahraich: severe cold in the valley of the atrocities that were taking over Naunihalon. District hospital's children's ward is increasing the number of children suffering from cold diarrhea. Every day, over three dozen children are admitted for treatment. On Monday, killing two children admitted for treatment.

            Notably, in the valley of the cold chill of diarrhea are spreading. Vomiting - diarrhea is common with complaint of fever. District hospital's children's ward is suffering from this disease each day about three dozen children are being recruited. According to medical negligence in the care of the children are suffering from. Monday morning the police Trikolia Hujurpur resident Saeed (1) son of Bkridi and Dargah Shareef police Acrura resident Sanjay (3) Rickiram son died during the treatment. Asma suffering from cold diarrhea, Nazim, Flame, Pinky, veil, Naina, Sudhir, Mustaq, Mumtaz, Raman, Sonu, Tue, including other children have been enrolled. Pediatrician, Dr. KK Verma said that the recruitment of children is being appropriately treated.

            The lowland chill, cold child deaths
            Updated on: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 02:30 AM (IST)

            News Office, Bahraich: harsh winter, the valley is trembling. Chill and thaw people are upset. Duswarian have increased from the sun does not come out. Home or office, the work is interrupted. Sheet of fog slowed the wheels of vehicles on the roads. This is affecting traffic. Paper is in the heat of the fire flares up. Falling under the grip of severe cold on Monday, killing a child.

            Notably, the valley of the mountains getting snow temperature is going down every day. Blanket of fog covered the district's border. Chill and the people living in homes has forced captivity. The streets are crawling vehicle. Calvary of cold Rupidiha police Grampanchayt resident Prince (7 months) Ajnis Singh's son was killed. The tehsil administration is denying. Recent DM to check the situation themselves had to leave at night. Blanket distribution is also not satisfactory. In tehsils blanket distribution has not started. The maximum temperature dropped 13 degrees Celsius on Monday, the day has come. The minimum temperature was stable at 7 degrees. On Sunday, the maximum temperature is 15 ° C was measured. The maximum temperature of the day in the fall chill and thaw has increased. Crop Research Center scientist Dr. RK Srivastava charge and weather forecasts show that the satellite-derived estimates run from Wednesday depicts a cold wave.

            Inset: Patients shambles

            Bahraich district hospital patients admitted for treatment in the shambles. To avoid freezing them is provided for a blanket. Cold blanket is finished.

            Inset: fog late in the Other

            3 killed in cold wave
            Updated on: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 07:44 PM (IST)

            Ballia: the last 24 hours in different areas of the district
            Catching cold during three people were killed, including women.

            According to Representative Baria cloud Paswan (48) resident Baria Dalit Basti fruits sold in the market by jamming. Monday evening he went to the toilet at the farm was freezing. Came trembling and fell at his door. Residents in this area Chanpasati Hasina Khatun (55) on Tuesday morning was cold, so he suddenly fell. Family brought him Sonbrsa hospital where doctors declared him dead.

            Sikanderpur representative area of ​​the village Jamui late on Monday evening at seven-year-Elahi mian village Chatti were buying stuff. In return home came trembling and fell at the door. Hospital doctor declared him dead.


            Two workers killed in cold MGNREGS
            Updated on: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 12:26 AM (IST)

            Balrampur: Mjre Sukkijot Saturday night in the cold grip of Gram Panchayat Mgipur aged under MGNREGS workers were killed. Mgipur GP within 48 hours in two aged workers have died from the cold. Administration says that there are deaths from cold.

            Mgipur local Gram Panchayat village is in the spotlight this time. Gram Panchayat under MGNREGA in Mjre Bhatpurav Ptai soil is going to work. On Friday, residents of the seventy-year-old son Rifle Chandi wages were depressed job card holder. He came back in the evening was not fine. Their deaths were on the way to hospital. Similarly Sukkijot resident aged Dalit household Job card holder Brij Lal (65) on a dirt road bridge was Guruprasad son. His health worsened 11pm. Brij Lal died shortly. Villagers say that Chandi and Brijlal were poor. They were not wearing warm clothes. His health deteriorated and died because of the cold.

            Akmal Sdima Utrula Akhtar said the deaths were not cold. BDO Janardan Yadav said the deaths of workers at the workplace are not.

            Cold death of the aged
            Updated on: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 06:37 PM (IST)

            Tundla: Cold is the cry. Surya Narayan last three days has not appeared. Mercury is deteriorating day by day. Monday night due to the cold, 65-year-old son Netram Diwakar Diwakar Lal died Nglabich resident.

            Increased cold killer, man killed
            Updated on: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 12:08 AM (IST)

            Increased cold killer, man killed

            Gonda: Hadhkanpau freezing is so tough. One person was killed in the city on Monday. But the fog was Chut day Titurte increase, people are melting. Sun God appeared to dominate the day shift did not. Tapte bonfire in rural areas appeared. There was silence on the streets.

            The city was shivering from the cold in the last 24 hours. Radhakund resident Bblu 30 Jan Mohammad's son died due to cold. Srinet toll reached her house, but the family refused a post mortem. Family members of deceased family Srinet said profit will be made. He was able to subsist by jamming near bus stand. Roadways, Jaynarayan square, square, square, labor market for people seemed upset. Cold discomfort of daily laborers has increased. In rural areas were not lit the bonfire. No bonfire burns towns marked places. Municipal Council and Nagar Panchayats in the bonfire is visible. The school holidays children have found relief from the cold. While private schools are open.

            Msknwan Snwadsutr despite the freezing cold water in the town have been no bonfire. While life is severely affected.

            The elderly who died in the grip of cold wave
            Updated on: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 07:46 PM (IST)

            Jalaun - Orai, Apr: Cold wave Lhcura the middle of the village died on Monday.

            Lhcura village in Chintamani Verma (55 years) in front of the house went to Tapane bonfire burning. Meanwhile, in the grip of cold wave his condition deteriorated and he becomes lost quick hurry. Deputy Magistrate Shivsinh and toll charge Durgesh Yadav said that he is not aware of any deaths from cold. The family burial the body without autopsy was conducted.

            The cold killed four and
            Updated on: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 07:20 PM (IST)

            The cold killed four and

            Jaunpur: the third consecutive day on Monday, did not the Lord Bhaskar's philosophy. Hadhkpati cold killing four. Jfrabad area, Srpthan area and untimely death of two police Sikarara. People are cut at the same time the melt near the bonfire. Tremendous traffic affected by fog. Trains and buses were crawl.

            28-year-old resident of the village police Jmatha Jfrabad Anil Pal morning was at the farm. There fell from abdominal pain. Information on family members arrived he was unconscious. People took the district hospital. The doctors declared dead. 60-year-old resident of the village police Suithakla Srpthan Bbhuti Sharma were sleeping at night. Sudden abdominal pain began. Was preparing to take to the hospital then died. Meanwhile, the police Sikarara resident Ramachandra Tahirpur village shop was 23-year-old daughter Sunita day. After returning from his severe pain in the stomach. People were preparing to take her to the hospital. Then died. Two years before her marriage Bsaltpur of police in the village was spared. Ctuli third Bripar area in the village. Fifty-year-old resident of the village was asleep in the military point Mdhe morning. Sudden abdominal pain began. Families Facial - hurriedly took a private hospital located in Jaunpur. It died during treatment. The real difficulty is in front of the children. Speed ​​trains not so much that there was a mist. Ditto was the trains. Quota being Patna Express train at Jaunpur Junction railway station on schedule reached less than 12 hours. Delhi Farakka Express Maldataun being eight hours, going from Delhi to Malda Town Farakka Express three hours, leaving Howrah Dehradun Doon Express was four hours late. Also many other carts were marginally late. Bonfire of the system does not need a lot of people had a problem.

            Three dead in an hour
            Updated on: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 10:18 PM (IST)

            Amroha. Severe cold in the middle of town During the hour of the death of a woman from Three erupted. Although their lives are expected to be cold.

            These dead mace Devi (47), Yasin (40) and Rupram (52) are included. During the hour of death of these three towns erupted. Show that the first two days of the sick mace Devi died, then back and forth, killing Yassin and Rupram. As the news spread in the town, his death became feared to have died from the cold. Although the administration has not confirmed the death of cold. SDM say that they have no information about this. On receipt will investigate.

            The two ran cold
            Updated on: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 02:04 AM (IST)

            Kannauj, own correspondent: Cold wave swallowed havoc to the people in the district.

            Chibramu, awakening the Bhblpur resident representative Cedalal (65) towards the fields that morning. When she returned home long enough to find his family. He found unconscious in the field. Kin him admitted to a private hospital, where he died during treatment. Cedalal family that were not sick. Cold due to their deaths. Tehsildar Lekpalon Ramswaroop Verma said probe is sent. The report will be sent to senior officials.

            Indrgdh, Anpr. According to police 50-year old resident of the village Rameshwar Dayal Mdhpura including his family lived in the cottage would subsist. In the absence of tools to protect the home from cold caught a cold on Sunday. Rmeshwar began at noon sharp pain in the chest. Relatives admitted in serious condition to see the health center started to move, but died on the way Rameshwar Dayal. Family gave police the death notice. News written by the body for autopsy could not be sent.

            The life of the elderly
            Updated on: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 06:28 PM (IST)

            Shivli, Anpr: cold wave have been fatal. Died on Sunday aged from freezing.

            Rajesh Mohalla town Saketnagr reader (50) reader Ambika son died. Guddi wife and son Vicky, Nikki and modestly said Rajesh late Saturday evening after bath eaten. His condition began to deteriorate in the middle of the night feeling cold. Arrange to take treatment until she was dead. Kin's body was cremated on Sunday. Have to go out on Saturday at the farm Rasulabad water to cold in the Vikas Nagar Mohalla Hriram (55) was killed. ADM Finance & Revenue Suryamni Lalchandra said freezing was not informed of the death of any person.

            Rolled mercury: a death from cold
            Updated on: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 06:23 PM (IST)

            Kaushambi: fog continues havoc. The second day was foggy afternoon. The temperature dropped sharply. Genetic crunching has begun to thaw, knowing full cold. Saturday night, one person died from the cold. The day was cold on the streets wore a deserted look. Intersection and bus are also silent. Surydev appeared in the afternoon, but received nothing. An hour later the fog again becoming rampant, people were imprisoned at home.

            Not diverge sheet of fog on the second day. Saturday rather than Sunday's fog. Thankfully, that was not an accident but the drivers are careful and cold in the district took the life of a person. Rjipur resident of Kaushambi Fuddilal (46) altered son died due to cold. Fuddilal put water in the field was a Saturday night. During this time he was in the grip of winter. Sudden pain in the abdomen, while her family to the hospital for treatment, she died. The funeral was on Sunday. Anis Ahmed village head gave relief to the bereaved family.

            Frenda coolness in the death of three
            Updated on: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 10:36 PM (IST)

            Maharajganj: Frenda outbreak in the region is growing cold. Frenda and Dhani block area in Tehsil Monday morning and at night, killing three people, including a woman. The local administration towards a next of kin have been notified.

            The first event of the Gram Panchayat Lejar Frenda police Mahdewa Sekhuahwa village's parish. Resident of the village wife Suman Vinay (26) died on Monday night at two medical colleges. Monday morning bath when families would accept his body was Kapane. Kin understand something until he fell to the ground. Bnkti facial hurriedly moved her community health center. There are first aid medical college doctors have referred. Late Night died during treatment. Suman's husband works in Chennai modestly. Ten-year-old son of the deceased gave him pyre. Village head Vinod Chaudhary administration sought to provide financial assistance to the families of the deceased have. According to a representative block of our marsupial native village Kanapar Agrhri son Ganesh Chand (55) of the body Monday morning started shivering. Kin understand something until they died. The pyre was his wife Devi Fulcd naive. Monday morning in the same order as the son Dhani village resident Ashok Mani Mani Harirama 60 were found dead on the bed. His whole body was cold due airs.

            Death of a child with fever
            Updated on: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 02:05 AM (IST)

            Unchahar office: police station area Bindaganj relationship came to an innocent village died of fever. Child death in the family, there is chaos.

            According to a resident of Fatehpur Naubsta wife and two-year-old son Mohammad Parvez Ahmed. JA Bindaganj came home with the Khala. Tuesday morning came a sudden high fever JA. Her family rushed to the hospital Unchahar. But died on the way to Babuganj. Javed was pneumonia, according to family members.

            12th death from cold and two student
            Updated on: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 06:56 PM (IST)

            Unchahar office: Cold wave in Tehsil being a college student died from the outbreak. In addition, a woman died of the cold. Far from cold wave in the region of 15 people had stopped breathing. Getting cold deaths have been disturbed by the people of the region and take the evening bed. Adequate measures to prevent the cold from the administration are not yet prevalent in people's outrage.

            According to the artist's daughter Godwa village resident Kallu (18) Jagdish in Balika Inter College Inter Usrana student. On Monday morning he left for school from home. The distance between home and school is five kilometers. SALON - Rae road three miles Hanumanganj unconscious near the architect was to cold. Going with the families of students immediately notified the guild. The guild reached CHC SALON family arrived at the scene. Where he died during treatment.

            The second incident took place in the village area Hisampur. Village resident Ramsuk's wife Shivdevi (45) fell ill from a cold Sunday night. Due fever parents gave him the local drug store. If his condition improves day family prepared to go to the hospital. Then he died. In both cases the administration was not aware of.
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              Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

              Three die due to cold in UP
              STAFF WRITER 16:32 HRS IST
              Lucknow, Dec 26 (PTI) Three persons died in the past 24 hours in different parts of Uttar Pradesh as cold wave conditions prevailed across the state, taking the toll this season to 21.

              One death each was reported in Lalitpur, Gorakhpur and Muzaffar Nagar, official sources said here today.
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                Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

                Cold wave kills seven in Bihar
                By Indo Asian News Service | IANS – 4 hours ago

                Patna, Dec 26 (IANS) An intense cold wave has claimed seven lives in Bihar, an official said Wednesday.
                A weather official said the chill and icy winds would continue for some days.
                According to the state disaster management department, four people died in Muzaffarpur district and one each in Gaya, Patna and Chapra.
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                  Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

                  Uttar Pradesh, machine translated;

                  Cold death of the aged
                  Updated on: Thu, 27 Dec 2012 12:05 AM (IST)

                  Gorakhpur: Bansganv Block 55 year-old resident of the village Unvl Vishwanath goldsmith health suddenly deteriorated due to cold. Relatives Facial - hurriedly rushed to the district hospital where doctors declared him dead.

                  According to villagers Vishwanath's financial condition was poor. After cold start living his health was poor.

                  Trying to cover-up over the death of newborns
                  Updated on: Wed, 26 Dec 2012 11:02 PM (IST)

                  Trying to cover-up over the death of newborns

                  News reporter, Agra: Loyal Lady, three newborns in hospital death of winter has begun to try to hide. Wednesday's Peeditaon are persuaded, then sunk thumb on plain paper. It also cut the Timardaron a commotion. The four-member team also investigated the case. Peeditaon to the statement. Will submit its report on Thursday.

                  Loyal Lady at the hospital on Tuesday, killing three newborn babies from the cold, it was uproar. The officers are engaged in efforts to downplay the incident. Then some people Renu and Urmila put pressure on the victim. According to sources, the instance they were not speaking to anyone. Thumb print on plain paper with both milked. Then Dr. BR Gautam, Dr. AK Singh, Dr. Madhu Singhal and Dr. Sanjay's team reached the hospital were identified. Both Peeditaon statement, while the third victim Manju went to hospital on Tuesday. In relation to the investigation team members refused to say anything. The report on Thursday, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) will be handed over.

                  Meanwhile, the recovery of charges and other Timardaron Peeditaon uproar began to pressure. To convince the authorities they were cool.

                  Meanwhile, the hospital said on Wednesday offered no protection from the cold. Timardaron heater have put some of his level. Loyal Lady In case of major hospital superintendent Dr. Prabha Upadhyay said the seven-day arrangements will be improved.
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                    Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

                    It is likely that official figures are somewhat lower than reality given the large number of deaths that occur in India far from medical examiners. - Ro

                    Extreme cold claims 13 more lives in UP
                    STAFF WRITER 16:32 HRS IST
                    Lucknow, Dec 27 (PTI) Biting cold claimed 13 more lives in Uttar Pradesh where Agra freezed with minimum temperature plummeting to 2.6 degree celsius today.

                    While three persons died due to extreme cold in Barabanki, two each died in Bijnore, Sultanpur and Chandauli and one each in Gazipur, Baghpat, Banda and Sonebhadra in the last 24 hours, officials said.

                    With the 13 more deaths, the toll due to intense cold this winter rose to 34 in the state.
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                      Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

                      Cold claims 15 lives in North

                      STAFF WRITER 18:15 HRS IST
                      New Delhi, Dec 28 (PTI) 15 more people succumbed to extreme cold in North India as minimum temperatures continued to plunge across the region.

                      In capital Delhi, the maximum temperature was recorded at 19 degrees celsius, two degrees less than normal and the minimum was 6.3 degrees, one degree less than the usual.

                      Chilly winds swept large parts of Uttar Pradesh claiming 15 more lives.
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                        Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

                        Cold claims seven more lives in UP, toll 69
                        STAFF WRITER 16:11 HRS IST
                        Lucknow, Dec 30 (PTI) Severe cold wave claimed seven more lives in Uttar Pradesh taking the toll this winter to 69.

                        Two people lost their lives in Barabanki, one each in Gonda, Deoria, Ballia, Banda, and Hamirpur districts.

                        AIIMS patient from Bihar froze to death after doctors refused to see him before his appointment date
                        By NEETU CHANDRA
                        PUBLISHED: 17:23 EST, 27 December 2012 | UPDATED: 18:10 EST, 29 December 2012

                        A patient from Bihar froze to death at the premises of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) early Wednesday after doctors allegedly made him wait for three days and refused to attend to him saying he had come to the hospital before the appointment date.
                        The man's body kept lying unattended until Wednesday afternoon with his wife and two children crying for help from the authorities.

                        Read more:

                        Cold claims 11 more lives in Bihar, toll touches 18
                        by F wire Dec 27, 2012

                        Patna, Dec 27 (IANS) The prevailing intense cold wave has claimed 11 more lives in Bihar, taking the total number of deaths in the state due to inclement weather to 18, an official said Thursday.

                        “The inclement weather claimed 11 more lives within a span of 24 hours, taking the death toll to 18 in the state,” an official of the state disaster management department here said.

                        The official added that five people died in Saran district, three in Nawada and one each in Vaishali, Begusarai and Jehanabad districts.

                        Earlier, the cold wave had claimed four lives in Muzaffarpur district and one each in Gaya, Patna and Chapra.

                        Cold wave across North, East India continues; death toll rises to 40 INDIA, Updated Dec 28, 2012 at 09:00am IST
                        In Punjab, three deaths were reported on Thursday due to cold - two in Amritsar and one in Hoshiarpur. Maximum temperature in the state ranged from four to 10 degrees Celsius
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                          Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

                          North India reels under severe coldwave; train services hit due to fog

                          Dec 30


                          In Uttar Pradesh, there is slight improvement in cold wave situation as the day temperature has increased in Allahabad, Varanasi and Azamgarh district but other parts of the state are still reeling under biting cold. Our Gorakhpur correspondent reports that the death toll due to cold has mounted to 89 as 12 more deaths have been reported during last 24 hours.
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                            Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

                            Maharashtra - machine translated from Marathi with a Hindi translator
                            Vrdhyat Thndine four Vriddhancha death (four-senior-citizen-death-at-wardha-for-cold)
                            Divya Marathi Network | Dec 30, 2012, 09:14 AM IST
                            Wardha - Wardha Jilhyatil Salou Yethil Latene Thndichya Alelya Rajyat and Vidrbat suddenly in one day of the four Jnanna Bळi Gavat Hingni or has been deleted. Hingni Gavatil Kaikadi Shantabai (80) Yancha Skaळi sudden death reached Wadlelya Thndine. Ten Skaळi Wajta Sadashiv Ramteke (80) reached Yancha death. Third death Mndade Subhadra (78) ha Janba Jibळ Gurnule Bळi Yancha fourth level (80) Used Yancha. Philich in one day of the event is Gavatil Honyachi Thndine four Jnancha death. Tyamuळe or Gavavar Sokkळa is Pasrli.


                            Youth died of cold and hunger in Bhuj
                            By Himanshu Kaushik, TNN | Dec 29, 2012, 10.14 PM IST

                            AHMEDABAD: A 30-year-old unidentified youth died of cold in BHuj. The Police has registered a case and was further investigating as to who the youth was.

                            According to Bhuj Police the youth was found dead near the Old railway station uin BHuj. The police on looking at the things that the youth was carrying ppeared as if he had come here in search of employment. The youth according to the police had died of cold as he did not have any warm clothes. Searching his bag, they were of the opinion that he had come in search of job. But the bag did not contain any identity.
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                              Re: India - Cold deaths winter 2012-2013

                              14 succumb to cold in North
                              STAFF WRITER 18:7 HRS IST
                              New Delhi, Dec 31 (PTI) Fourteen people succumbed to extreme cold in North India today as temperatures plummeted across the region making people stay inside homes.

                              Delhiites shivered in the morning as the mercury plunged to the season's lowest of 5.5 degrees celsius even as dense fog affected air traffic.

                              Cold wave unabated in north India, death toll reaches 92 in UP
                              Last Updated: Monday, December 31, 2012, 09:59

                              New Delhi: People across India face the wrath of dipping mercury, as the cold wave further intensified in several parts of the country. The death toll has reached to 92 due to cold in north India.

                              Foggy weather disrupted rail, road and air traffic at several places. The fog also affected the schedule of about 50 flights at Delhi airport on Sunday.

                              In Uttar Pradesh, cold wave has claimed three more lives during the past 24 hours. The toll in the state during this season has gone up to 92.
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