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Switch off air conditioner and open windows.

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  • Switch off air conditioner and open windows.
    SINGAPORE - On top of washing their hands and disinfecting surfaces, people need to switch off the air-conditioner, turn on the fan and get fresh air to reduce the chances of getting infected by the novel coronavirus.
    The World Health Organisation, in a document outlining how to prevent the coronavirus from infecting people, said suspected cases should be kept in well-ventilated rooms.

    Professor Wang Linfa, director for the programme in emerging infectious diseases at the Duke-NUS Medical School, said ultra-violet rays and heat from the sun could kill the virus.

    "If you can stay under the sun for a while, it would be good," he added. "Vitamin D can also boost the immune system..Disinfecting surfaces could also prevent the virus from infecting people.."
    ďThe only security we have is our ability to adapt."