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Sarcocystis - Rice Breast in wild ducks

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  • Sarcocystis - Rice Breast in wild ducks

    A while back there was discussion posted on the need of hunters and those handling bush meat to ware gloves (PPE's) while handling and processing raw bush meat. Recently I was gifted some wild ducks and remembered the discussion.and put on exam gloves to do the processing. While breasting the water fowl I was surprised to see what looked pockets of puss shaped like grains of rice embedded in the duck's breasts. Needless to say we did not eat those breasts even though some sources said the meat, properly cooked was safe to eat. A hunter informed me it is caused by water fowl ingesting feces from infected wild predators. Ducks filter feeding or dabbling in contaminated water can easily become infected. Another good reason to ware gloves while handling bush meat.

    For further reading on Sarcocystis:

    Image of parasitic infested duck breast at this site along with information:
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    ?If my wife sees it, it?s gone,? Morrison said.
    I looked at the photos and would not have eaten those ducks, either, unless I was starving. When it comes to the microscopic infections, I guess you'd never know.

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