RIDE TO REMEMBER: Bicyclists pedal back into town after tracing Trail of TearsThe 2022 Remember the Removal bike riders arrived back in Tahlequah on June 17 to the cheers of families, supporters and members of the Cherokee Nation government.

The cyclists pulled into the Cherokee Nation Peace Pavilion Friday after a 950-mile journey following the Northern Route of the Trail of Tears. The CN cyclists left Tahlequah last month and set off from New Echota, Georgia, on May 30, with members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, to retrace the forced trek their ancestors made almost 200 years ago.

The CN recounts that in 1838, an estimated 16,000 Cherokees were removed from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina, with almost 4,000 of dying on the way. RTR commemorates these hardships, its first ride taking place in 1984.

This year's riders were Adrian Aguilera, Ethan Ledford, Emra Arkansas, Larry Blythe, Justin Lambert and Amy West of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and Jeanetta Leach, Desiree Matthews, Emily Christie, Kayce O'Field, and Madison Whitekiller.

The RTR group from the Cherokee Nation was the first all-female team in the event's history...