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Everyone must be prepared for bird flu

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  • Everyone must be prepared for bird flu

    All thanks to Hawkeye

    Everyone must be prepared for bird flu
    The Huron Daily Tribune

    As testing of migratory birds for “bird flu” begins in Alaska, the Homeland Security Department’s top medical officer says not all of our states are sufficiently prepared.

    Dr. Jeffrey Runge was interviewed by the Associated Press about bird flu. And while bird flu isn’t truly dangerous until it can jump from person to person, he says it’s only a matter of time before the virus arrives in America.

    Now, officials continue to remind us we shouldn’t panic. The virus isn’t spreading from person to person. But the potential for this virus to transform itself and how it spreads is scary stuff. And that’s why it’s crucial we produce more of the drugs we currently have to combat flu and work to develop something that can battle a possible deadly bird flu.

    Preparing for such things means preparing for the worst — and hoping you never need to execute such plans. But we do need to be prepared. Local and state governments are securing plans, conducting drills and working to educate other officials as well as the public. They know they will play the lead role in dealing with any pandemic that may emerge.

    Michigan has a plan in place, one it has executed, and state officials continue to work with local officials, who are testing their own plans. It’s also important for citizens to be informed about bird flu, pandemic flu and what you can do. You can find out more about these issues and the government plan by going to