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Calumet region Saganashkee - animals being poisoned in preserve ??

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  • Calumet region Saganashkee - animals being poisoned in preserve ??

    Are animals being poisoned in preserve

    In all, more than a dozen dead animals lay within 100 feet of one another. None had a visible injury. Half were bleeding from the nose or mouth.

    Calumet region
    term applied to the land around the southern end of Lake Michigan; its name derives from the two rivers draining the mainly low and swampy region (also see Calumet). Since the retreat of the glaciers, the area has been the crossroads for passage through much of northern America`s heartland; major Indian trails here intersected. To the N is the Chicago River basin; to the W the Saganashkee Slough/Sag Channel and Hickory Creek drain into the Des Plaines, and to the S is the massive Kankakee basin; Trail Creek [Michigan City] and La Porte form its eastern border. The Calumet was a paradise for hunters in the early days of Chicago and Fort Dearborn, with an abundance of deer and wild fowl. [486, 496] [604c]

    Calumet Riverpossibly kinoumiki in Illinois, according to a c.1700 Kaskaskia Illinois dictionary [attributed to Father Gravier], meaning ?a boat of deep draft`? clearly not a canoe, and suggesting European navigation on it by 1696; also Kennomekon, Kenomokouk, Calamick River, Calamink, Callimink River; located at the southern edge of metropolitan Chicago, draining the Calumet region into Lake Michigan; formed by the confluence of the Grand Calumet River and the Little Calumet River, some three to four miles from its mouth, "this was originally one river ? beginning in LaPorte County, IN, running into Illinois, turning around at Blue Island, and returning to Indiana, emptying into Lake Michigan at Miller (Gary). A canal was dredged, likely by Indians, where the Calumet River is now (South Chicago). This act split the river into the two sections that exist now" [quoted from Kenneth J. Schoon]. [12, 604b] [604c]

    Calumet Saglow geographic feature in the Calumet region, formerly the ancient Chicago outlet river [the Calumet-Sag Channel]; also see Saganashkee Swamp. [604c]