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Propolis from Bees expensive soon

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  • Propolis from Bees expensive soon

    Please refer to
    Mystery killer silencing honeybees for updates on bee diseases


    PROPOLIS will be in shortage and more expensive.

    Propolis is important medicine (corroborated) it is now time to buy it since some are left and not expensive.

    For information concerning the medicinal properties of Propolis, please consult

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    Re: Propolis from Bees expensive soon

    I concur with this advice.
    Please do not ask me for medical advice, I am not a medical doctor.

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    Thank you,
    Shannon Bennett


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      Re: Propolis from Bees expensive soon

      I have a farmer near me who sells honey. I'll go and talk to him about this, maybe buy more from him.
      Maybe honey will go up in price too?

      Will these Russian bees help the situation?


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        Re: Propolis from Bees expensive soon

        best price i could find
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