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Prominent Russian scientist explains that his call for compulsory vaccinations was in reference to the Jewish Autonomous Region

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  • Prominent Russian scientist explains that his call for compulsory vaccinations was in reference to the Jewish Autonomous Region

    History of Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region. I think this is an article about the doctors.
    Compulsory vaccination: opinions of virologists differ
    9 November, 17:36Science

    The statement of Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Molecular Biology Pyotr Chumakov on the need for compulsory vaccination has already hit the TOP of world news, causing a huge resonance in Russia and abroad.

    Journalist Irina Mishina tried to understand the problem.

    Irina Mishina

    Academician Chumakov's statement made a lot of noise. He has already been accused of violating international law and the Nuremberg Code. It all started when the famous molecular biologist told Radio Russia that he supported the idea of compulsory vaccination of all citizens against coronavirus.

    “This is very unpopular, of course, what I will say, but I believe that there should be compulsory vaccination. They can simply crucify me there. But I think that in the name of these people who are now resisting, they will thank them later if they are forced to do it", - Radio Russia quotes Chumakov as saying.

    We contacted Pyotr Mikhailovich and asked to clarify what he meant.

    “You cannot be forced to vaccinate. The talk about vaccination came in connection with the refusal of vaccinations by 26 doctors of the Jewish Autonomous Region. I said that we do not know all the details, and in the context of this situation it is necessary to understand. As of today, an emergency regime has not been introduced in Russia, so there are no legal grounds for compulsory vaccination yet. The decision on compulsory vaccination must be made only at the state level and not otherwise. It's not a flu shot - it's a national security issue. In my opinion, the time is ripe for the adoption of such emergency measures at the state level, and we are talking about special legislative acts.

    In the 19th century, people were generally shackled and forcibly injected with a smallpox vaccine to prevent an epidemic, there have been such cases in history. And I agree with Academician Chumakov that urgent emergency measures are needed at the state level. A pandemic is like a war and wartime laws apply", - recalls Anatoly Altstein, MD, professor, virologist.
    In all fairness, we must admit that today there are disagreements in the medical community about the need for vaccination. Most importantly, there are no definitive results from the clinical trial of the Sputnik V vaccine. To date, the third phase of tests of the same "Sputnik V" has not been published. There is no compulsory vaccination in the law: while vaccination against coronavirus is not included in the vaccination schedule. The lack of confidence in vaccination is partly due to the fact that the WHO has not yet approved Sputnik.

    Ask Congress to Investigate COVID Origins and Government Response to Pandemic H.R. 834

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