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Dr. Moore deserved better than we gave her

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  • Dr. Moore deserved better than we gave her
    Dr. Moore deserved better than we gave her

    Niran Al-Agba, MD

    The COVID-19 pandemic comprises two crises at the same time: one of health, and one of race.

    Death rates from COVID-19 are 3.6 times higher for Blacks than whites. These racial health disparities cannot be fully explained by socioeconomic status (SES) measures like education, income or affluence. One example is Dr. Susan Moore — a 52-year-old Black physician — who died of COVID-19 at an Indiana hospital three weeks ago. While many names of those lost to COVID-19 will fade over time, I want you to remember Dr. Moore, not only for her service to her patients, but also for her courage to call out racism in the face of her own mortality...
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