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BMJ. Economic recession and suicide

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  • BMJ. Economic recession and suicide

    [Source: British Medical Journal, full page: (LINK). Extract.]


    Economic recession and suicide

    <CITE><ABBR>BMJ </ABBR>2013; 347 doi: (Published 17 September 2013)</CITE>
    <CITE>Cite this as: <ABBR>BMJ</ABBR> 2013;347:f5612</CITE>
    <CITE></CITE>Keith Hawton, 1, Camilla Haw, 2

    Author Affiliations: <SUP>1</SUP>Centre for Suicide Research, University Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, Warneford Hospital, Oxford OX3 7JX, UK; <SUP>2</SUP>University of Northampton, Northampton, UK

    The association is clear but government response may limit its extent

    Financial recessions and their socioeconomic sequelae can have diverse consequences for population health, a fact that has attracted considerable attention since the 2008 global financial crisis. It has long been known that economic conditions can influence suicide rates. The depression of the late 1920s to early 1930s was associated with marked rises in suicide, especially in men, which parallelled increases in unemployment. The Asian economic recession of 1997-98 was also followed by rising suicide rates, which reflected financial and unemployment indices.