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Peru-Ayacucho. 55 tons of rice (PRONAA) contaminated

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  • Peru-Ayacucho. 55 tons of rice (PRONAA) contaminated

    Spanish to English translation

    October 4, 2011
    Ayacucho. 55 tons of rice (PRONAA) contaminated

    Attorney General Eduardo Morales said responsibility of APRA affiliation.
    Prosecution authorities found more than 55 tons of spoiled rice and stacked in the warehouse of the National Food Assistance Program (Pronaa) in the Ayacucho region.
    The prosecutor Ana Maria Jauregui 1111 found that the rice bags in a warehouse district Ayacucho, province of Huamanga.
    "In addition, they were totally contaminated, they found large amount of excrement and urine of rats," said the prosecutor.
    During the inquiry officer also participated in the Digesa, Rosa Luz Basilio Meza, who said that these products are not suitable for human consumption.
    According to the representative of the Public Ministry, the responsibility for this fact lies at the head of Pronaa, Eduardo Morales, APRA affiliation.
    Morales was not present at the proceedings, but sent two Pronaa officials who justified the neglect noting that this product is marred as a result of the rains in January.