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The justification ?just learning?!
Friday, June 10, 2011

Riyadh - Nasser Hagbani
Almost the subject of women driving the car does not rest until it opens up again, to return the debate to the social arena. In a striking development, women led a group of 3 cars north of Riyadh yesterday, but security patrols rushed to the scene and Aguetadthn to a police station and ordered the guardian no pledges not to repeat Flthn. According to sources close to the female drivers for the ?life?, that 4 women have reached the neighborhood of Hattin yesterday afternoon by 3 cars driven by drivers, and then took the women's leadership,

stressing that they were learning how to drive in order to act in the event of any emergency, not to challenge the community or In response to calls in this area.

One of the women who Ooagafthn security authorities have written on its front page on the social networking site ?twitter? details of what happened to her, she stated she and her friends were driving 3 cars in the land of empty away from the main road, when she attended 6 cars police to the place, and Aguetadthn to the police station to sign pledges not to repeat Flthn Tokidhn despite repeatedly they learn leadership of necessity only. For his part, said the spokesman of Riyadh Region Police Colonel Nasser Al-Qahtani told ?life?, that security patrols stopped 4 women yesterday, for their leadership of the car in a desert area outside the urban scale, indicating that the security will be applied in their right to legal procedures, and were calling their parents .

The recent period has seen a surge in claims some women driving a car, Obrizen Sharif by security authorities stopped while driving her car the center of Khobar recently.