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Advice for rain or snow during a nuclear leak

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  • Advice for rain or snow during a nuclear leak

    machine translation -

    To dawn around nuclear plant in rain or snow

    March 15th 19:24 According to Meteorological Agency, because the low pressure passes the southern part of northeast, around the Fukushima first nuclear power plant, it means the wind of the sky with the possibility that it changes to the wind which from the wind which faces to north west from now on extending through the 16th faces to south east, being the place where the weak rain and snow fall extending through the dawn of 16 days.As for

    Professor Satoru Tashiro of the Hiroshima university atomic bomb radiation medical science study laboratory ?at the area which is required evacuation and indoor evacuation, when it gets wet to the snow and the rain where the radioactive substance is taken in, the radioactive substance becomes easy to soak in the clothes and in etc the hair.Going outside, when it gets wet with the rain and the snow, you wash away directly, as for the clothes which are dispersed the one which seals up in vinyl and the like is good?, you say.