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Libya - Report of Crimes Against Humanity - Killing The Wounded in Hospitals

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  • Libya - Report of Crimes Against Humanity - Killing The Wounded in Hospitals

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    ?Libyan human rights?: Gaddafi Forces killed the wounded in hospitals

    Fri, 25/02/2011 - 19:03

    The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of the Libyan Human Rights, Solomon Bushoegr, Thursday, that members of the Revolutionary Committees Movement, entered the hospital in Tripoli, and executed the wounded, who were demonstrating against the regime of Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, and transferred the bodies to hide them, and perhaps burning them because they know that foreign journalists are approaching. He explained that ?the doctors who opposed it were subjected to the threat?.

    He also stressed the highest official in the field of human rights in France and there is evidence to suggest that Gaddafi has committed crimes against humanity, and up to two thousand people have been killed in the revolution against him. The Zimmeray Francois, who has worked as ambassador for Human Rights, the International Criminal Court is the only way to achieve justice and that international sanctions should be ?immediate?. The Zimmeray: ?figures that we have now .. More than a thousand people were killed and perhaps two thousand, according to sources ?.

    This came as he began to Libyans inside and outside the country Friday to try to form a political framework capable of leading the country in transition, according to sources confirmed the link file to the network ?CNN.. The? News of America. The sources added that this framework will be in the coming period and the management of what has been described as ?resistance? to the internal system of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and external supervision of the diplomatic representation in Tripoli.

    The security source said that the acts of violence in the city of Benghazi, eastern Libya, have so far killed at least 390 people and injured 1300 people, mostly gunshot wounds. The head of the Security Division in Benghazi, Nouri al-Obeidi, said the city's residents were able to storm the headquarters of a battalion ?holy? of the son of Libyan leader Thurs Gaddafi, and found an underground prison sits by about 90 prisoners, all Libyans, including soldiers from Benghazi, rejected the targeting of people's Vtm arrest.

    In the city of Tobruk, about 500 people took part Friday in a demonstration in Martyrs Square. Demonstrators chanted ?Down Gaddafi?, calling for his execution in this field.

    , "Said Yasser al-Obeidi, a police officer in the Libyan city of Casablanca, it was verified that the elements of mercenaries belonging to Thurs Gadhafi were shooting indiscriminately at people, pointing out that every single one of them was paid 12 thousand dollars for each person on his head. He added that 200 people from the mercenaries were killed during the last period.