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This Week in Virology - TWIV 219 with Anthony Fauci M.D., National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

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  • This Week in Virology - TWIV 219 with Anthony Fauci M.D., National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

    Notes by Gsgs:

    TWIV 219 with Fauci
    (45MB, 1hour, .mp3)

    education, how he turned to AIDS-research
    9:30 , 1981 paper, why AIDS would be growing
    11:00 , 1984 -->NIAD $4.6B budget now
    ~15:00 HIV-vaccine

    21:00 treatment reduces transmission chance by 96%
    24:30 sees an end of AIDS, optimistic
    28:00 thinks polio will be eradicated
    28:30 biggest infectious problems in this order:
    HIV,Malaria,Tuberculosis ... neglected tropical diseases
    (no mention of flu,H5N1)
    29:44 NIAD as a global institute
    30:30 Malaria .7M deaths per year ;TB 1.4M deaths per year
    budget flat since 2003
    31:10 flu (unclear... doesn't think the universal flu vaccine will work (?))
    not a killer
    31:15 scientific endpoint
    32:40 antivirals,vaccine bad
    33:50 seems to mention universal flu vaccine positively now
    (stem of HA)
    34:30 not much earning with flu-vaccine
    36:00 Hepatitis C, cured within our lifetimes
    37:40 drug resistance
    44:00 budget, what he usually tells his fellows etc -
    serious budget crunch ,2014 not better, ideological differences on how
    to handle budget problems, that will be fixed, scientific enterprise
    should not be a discretionary part, but mandatory
    scientific opportunities more exciting than ever
    {IMO he doesn't make sense here. He says just what he thinks is best
    for his institute --> biased. He completely ignores the general economical,
    political development which determines the budget. He thinks the $15T
    can be solved ("fixed") just ideolically. And I got the impression that he described
    the past scientific opportunities and achievements more enthusiatically than the
    possible future ones. I'm not saying that I'm against more money for NIAH, just that
    his arguments don't convince me}

    48:00 they don't really understand what we do
    AO1 pool ?
    54:00 his philosophy: (?)
    55:15 science needs reforming ? Fauci:fundamentally it's healthy
    58:00 his usual day
    1:00:54 pandemic flu mentioned !
    (what keeps him awake at night, 2nd)
    1:01:30 coronavirus - boom it's gone
    1:03:00 end
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    I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
    my current links: [url][/url] ILI-charts: [url][/url]

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    Re: TWIV 219 with Fauci

    remembering earlier Fauci statements about a H5N1 pandemic

    Fauci about the possible H5N1 pandemic:

    Fauci , May 8, 2007 :
    You can not accurately predict if and when a given virus will become a pandemic virus.
    Too little is known about exactly how and when a virus will mutate. Focusing too much
    on one suspect -- even a very likely suspect such as H5N1 -- may be a mistake.
    We should not ... forget the fact that historically pandemics have evolved. We should
    be building up the knowledge base and expanding the capabilities of making vaccines
    Companies should expand their research on vaccine design, develop new classes of
    drugs and improve tests to diagnose influenza.
    The ability of these types of viruses to ultimately spread from birds to humans is a very
    complex process involving multiple genetic evolutions. It's a complicated issue that is
    very difficult to predict,

    Pandemics happen.Sooner or later, it’s likely there will be one. But no-one can give a (probability).

    Fauci ~ March 2006:
    "Americans need to know that it is a threat, a real threat. It is an unpredictable infection,
    a pandemic flu, which really means a kind of flu to which the American public or the whole
    world, the global population has not been exposed to before. It is very different from the
    seasonal flu."
    "So you have to walk that balance of being prepared for something that may not come this
    year, may not come next year, but sooner or later knowing the history of how pandemic flus
    evolve over a period of time, over decades and decades, it will occur. So we need to be prepared."

    Fauci: (2006 ?)
    "I don't dismiss at all the notion that some people
    bring up that it is conceivable that the way this virus is genetically
    programmed, that no matter how much opportunity you give it, it'
    s never going to be able to fully adapt itself to humans,"
    "But since we don't know it, I think
    it would be somewhat reckless to assume and say 'Ah, it's been
    around so long, if it hasn't changed it will never change, let'
    s just forget about it and go worry about something else.'

    [true pandemic of avian flu ] Bigger threat than most?
    DR. ANTHONY FAUCI (Sept.2005): Well, HIV is a big one. That's something that
    even though it has a well defined, more limited way of spreading than influenza,
    which spreads very easily, if you look at the impact of over 20 million people having
    died already, 40 million people living with HIV, I would think that HIV right now is
    something that trumps everything.

    Fauci,2006 : H5N1 is currently the most likely pandemic candidate

    Fauci : one reason flu doesn’t kill more people is that even a
    strain as lethal as the current bird flu usually gets weaker as it
    spreads. It is highly, highly likely that it will decrease its mortality and
    its virulence for humans, because from an evolutionary standpoint, it
    makes no sense for viruses to kill all their hosts,
    I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
    my current links: [url][/url] ILI-charts: [url][/url]


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      Re: This Week in Virology - TWIV 219 with Anthony Fauci M.D., National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

      profvrr writes on facebook:

      > Back in Seattle for NIH Study section - my last after 11 years.
      > That's enough service especially for a system that is now broken.

      any idea, what "system is broken now" and why ?


      The NIAID budget for fiscal year 2012 was approximately $4.5 billion.
      Dr. Fauci serves as one of the key advisors to the White House and U.S.
      Department of Health and Human Services on global AIDS issues,
      and on initiatives to bolster medical and public health preparedness
      against emerging infectious disease threats such as pandemic influenza.


      THAN 35 YEARS.


      but presumably a one percent cut can't "break the system" ?!

      ================================================== ========

      keyword search ...

      ================================================== ====

      I've been wondering why such research is nationalized, but then published and everyone benefits.
      There must be some system in place which "rewards" the publishing and encourages the
      national funding systems.

      why not internationalize the research in the first place under the auspices of UNO,WHO ?
      I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
      my current links: [url][/url] ILI-charts: [url][/url]