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swine-->human, sw/1998(H3N2) origin

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  • swine-->human, sw/1998(H3N2) origin

    mutation table :

    differences in the 8 segments in promille

    (most) segments that are entirely different were obmitted

    most of the human sequences show reassortments,
    signaling that the strain still evolves in swine, not humans

    and that there are multiple strains circulating in swine with frequent reassortments
    but apparantly only some of them can go to humans,
    (since the human sequences do cluster and many variations seen in swine
    do not appear in humans)

    today uploaded to genbank:
    A/MN/19/2011/11/04(H3N2) which does not have the segment 7 from ******
    A/WV/06/2011/11/21(H1N2) which is similar to the Iowa viruses from Nov.,
    but with different segments 6(KA/13) , 1(MN/19,ME),8(Sw/NY,ME)
    I'm interested in expert panflu damage estimates
    my current links: ILI-charts: