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Entire H5N1 Genome to be cloned

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  • Entire H5N1 Genome to be cloned

    April 11, 2006, 2:15PM

    (PZ) GEN ID Lab Services, Inc. to Clone Entire H5N1 Influenza Virus Genome to Develop New Human Vaccine Candidates

    ? 2006 PRIMEZONE

    FONTANA, Calif., April 11, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- GEN ID Lab Services Inc. ("GEN ID") (Pink Sheets:GDLB), announced that, in association with its news this morning on the testing for the H5N1 virus (or Bird Flu), S2 Biosciences, contracted by GEN ID, will also be cloning the entire H5N1 influenza virus genome (all three RNA segments). The clones and/or selected regions thereof will be used to develop new human vaccine candidates.

    Hector A. Veron, President of GEN ID, stated, "We are extremely excited with the developments of the past few days. Our contract with S2 not only gives us the capability to perform testing for the H5N1 virus, it also places GEN ID at the forefront of developing a human vaccine."

    As announced earlier today, GEN ID has contracted S2 Biosciences, Inc. ("S2"), a privately held company, to perform testing of biological samples (from birds and/or human origin) for the presence of the H5N1 virus commonly known as the Bird Flu. Using S2's proprietary H5N1 amplification probes and modified PCR reactions, the system will amplify several regions of the H5N1 genome, thereby providing positive proof for the presence or absence of the deadly virus. (???)

    Furthermore, S2 will be cloning the entire H5N1 influenza virus genome (all three RNA segments). The clones and/or selected regions thereof will be used to develop new human vaccine candidates.

    As of February 13, 2006, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 169 cases of the Bird Flu, of which 91 resulted in death, since 1997. All cases, except 12 in Turkey and 1 in Iraq, occurred in Asia. Recent cases in Turkey and Iraq suggests the disease is moving west from Asia.
    Recently the H5N1 virus has been confirmed in wild swan populations in Greece, Italy and the Balkan States.

    GEN ID shall retain title and full ownership to the technologies of the business and intends to brand its test results under the "IdentiFlu" name. Furthermore, GEN ID will retain all rights to the commercial usage of the intellectual property. (private sequences again???)

    About GEN ID
    GEN ID is a diversified medical testing company that seeks to provide physicians with more necessary and personalized treatment data, individualized towards patients and based on genetic screening technologies, such as SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) testing. This analysis will provide information on genetic predisposition to varies diseases, such as different forms of cancer, cardiovascular abnormalities, dermatological deceases, predicting pharmacodynamic pattern pertinent to individual drugs for individual patients. GEN ID plans to leverage its strong relationships within the genomics community to maximize its presence in the market.

    About S2 Biosciences
    S2 BioSciences, Inc. is a privately held, Montreal-based company providing preclinical contract research services to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. S2 also conducts molecular biology and biotechnology research and development and has specific expertise in virology and communicable diseases. S2 has developed several technologies which it has licensed to companies in the US and Canada.

    This news release may include "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. All statements other than statements of historical fact included or incorporated herein may constitute forward-looking statements. Although GEN ID believes that the forward-looking statements are reasonable, it can give no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. The forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that may affect GEN ID's operations and financial performance. Among the factors that could cause results to differ materially are those risks discussed in GEN ID's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including our Annual Reports on Form 10-KSB.
    CONTACT: GEN ID Lab Services Inc. Public Relations (909) 574-6470 (909) 609-4571 IR
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