This is over a month old; there may be a newer one that I haven't been able to find.

This is 16 pages long, with many charts. It includes US/Mexico border surveillance in collaboration with the CDC Border Infectious Disease Surveillance program and San Diego/Imperial Counties, NHRC performs laboratory testing for FRI cases among civilians near the US-Mexico border. Both outpatient (FRI) and inpatient (Severe Acute Respiratory Illness; SARI) cases are included in the program. Current sites are located in San Diego (2) and Imperial (5) counties in California. There is also an in-depth discussion of mutations in the H3/N2 and B viruses.

Week ending Sept 26, 2015
NHRC Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza Cases, US Military Basic Trainees

Total tested: 1677
3 A/untyped
145 A/H3
31 B