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    Invitation to all,

    I must present myslef, my name is Mingus and I am a little two year old boy !
    Ok, my real name is XXXXX, but since a 2 year boy don't pronounce well it sound like "ming-ming!"
    My father who love me much found this to be as funny as the well known Jazzman Charles Mingus ( Charles was also the first name he tought before to choose Damien) so he nick me like that.
    Poor little papa, he would do anything to keep me from having a bad flu!
    I wish I could help him a little.

    So, I had the idea to start a archive of explanation, pedagogic work and links related to Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Virology.

    The FluTracker administation have been kind with me and give me the possibility to built so over the time in the Workshop area.

    I do not consider myself as an expert (Only two year old !) but I have a solid formation in theses fields and some year experience in research and diagnostic Lab link to the veterinary industry. ( Not that bad for a two year little boy!)

    What I'll try to do is to explain the science how I personnaly understand it in a way I hope most people will understand and my goal is to help more and more people understand the science behind the issue.

    I'll be happy to hear your commentary, question or to be contradict by information you bring me that I was not aware to.
    As I do no consider myself as an expert I hope everyones to always stay alert and notify me if I made mistake or if you not agreed.
    English is not my usual language so I hope readers to be conprenhensive and ask if I'm not clear.

    But be careful, since my name is not Niman, I dont expect personnal attack.

    If you like the explanations given here, I invite you to give the right link in the right dissusion elsewhere in this forum.

    So welcome to all.

    Click image for larger version

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