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Neuer Carbapen- resistenter Keim, NDM1

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  • Neuer Carbapen- resistenter Keim, NDM1

    Off Topic:
    Neuer, Carbapenem- resistenter Keim aufgetaucht, der aus Indien eingeschleppt wird.

    In January 2009 we issued a National Resistance Alert concerning carbapenemases in UK Enterobacteriaceae. This followed
    consultation with ARHAI and stressed: (i) the growing number of producer isolates referred to the HPA’s Antibiotic Resistance
    Monitoring & Reference Laboratory (ARMRL) (8 in all years to 2007; ultimately 21 in 2008); (ii) the diversity of these, variously
    with metallo (VIM or IMP), KPC and OXA-48 enzymes and (iii) that many producer isolates were from patients previously
    hospitalised in Greece, Turkey and Israel.
    This addendum is issued: (i) because the number of referred producers continues to increase sharply (>40 so far in 2009)

    and (ii) because a novel enzyme, NDM-1 (New Delhi Metallo
    b-Lactamase) is increasingly dominant. NDM-1 is strongly linked

    to India and Pakistan and many of the UK cases have recent medical exposure in the Indian-subcontinent. Recognition of risk

    patients and prevention of transmission in the UK is critical, since most producers are resistant to ALL reliable antibiotics.