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2 H5N1 Bird Flu Cases in Indonesia Blamed on Infected Pigeons

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  • 2 H5N1 Bird Flu Cases in Indonesia Blamed on Infected Pigeons

    hat tip Diane Morin -

    This article refers to the cases at the links below:

    Jakarta: death reported of 5-year-old sister of recent bird flu fatality - H5N1 confirmed

    Indonesia - Man, 23, confirmed H5N1 case from No. Jakarta died January 7; Five family members and five contacts tested H5N1 negative

    INILAH.COM, Jakarta - People crowded membicrakan return of bird flu. Will this disease rages back and be a threat?

    Cases of death PD (23) and ASR (5), the patient suspect bird flu at Friendship Hospital that was launched by Basic Technology Center for Biomedical and Health, National Health Research Development Ministry of Health, has added a long list of residents who died of the H5N1 virus that is transmitted by these birds. Based on data from the Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health Ministry of Health, with the death of ASR, making the death rate from bird flu to 152 deaths from 184 cases in existence since 2005. Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health, Tjandra Yoga Aditama vocal point as the International Health Regulations (IHR) have also been informed of this case to the WHO. "As long as there are still cases of bird flu in poultry, the possibility of transmission to humans is still there," Tjandra said in Jakarta on Friday ( 20 / 1). Therefore, Tjandra hopes that the community can protect themselves by living a clean and healthy behaviors (PHBs). In particular the behavior of washing hands with soap (HWWS) especially at five critical time, ie before eating, after defecation, before feeding, before preparing food, after cleaning a baby, and after contact with animals. According to the Jakarta Health Service data, during 2009, of 10 patients suspect bird flu, as many as eight patients died (84%). In 2010, the number decreased to three patients, but all three died (100%). Then in 2011 from three patients, two people died.

    Based on the epidemiological investigation into the patient's house and the surrounding environment by Kemenkes Team and the local health office, obtained the relevant information that is often brought into the workplace workshop PD (bird flu positive patients) found pets pigeons. In these workshops, there are cages containing pigeons PD's friends, and often given food without washing hands after holding a dove.

    PD (23) was killed on January 7 because of the bird flu virus. Various attempts have been conducted by the Ministry of Health, among others, contacted several hospitals that had been caring for suspected bird flu, and monitor the progress of cases, follow up reports from the public through the posts and DG OT. [Mor]