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Dogs could spread influenza directly from poultry

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  • Dogs could spread influenza directly from poultry

    The dog could spread the Antara influenza Virus the Species

    The DOG could spread influenza directly from the poultry, was like this the researcher's Korean circle said just recently, while saying, their findings showed the livestock could play a role in pandemik in the future. Several dogs a kept animal to was sick and died as a result of what changed to an eye strain the flu virus seasonal. was like this the researcher's circle reported in the Emerging Infectious Diseases magazine. “Data we received proof that the dog could be still playing some role in the spread between the species and spread the virus of influenza,” Daesub Song from Green Cross Veterinary Products Ltd in Yong-in, South Korea and several of his colleagues reported.

    "dog-dog this contracted influenza H3N2, his kind was the same as one of the flu kinds that now is contagious in the human circle. However the genetic analysis indicate the dogs were infected with viruses directly from a bird/poultry,” said the team Sole. The doctor's circle learned the animal spread the flu virus from one animal to the other animal. Often was expert in being convinced most, if not all of them, the influenza virus came from the poultry. The influenza virus avian H5N1, that struck all the livestock in Asia, Africa and various European territory parts, sometimes infected humankind, infected 376 people and killed 238 among them. Also sometimes infected the dog, the cat, the wolf, the civet and teens of the species of birds from the goose to the goose.

    That was worried that that will experience the change or having a combination in a form that easily spread from one humankind to other humankind, spread some pandemik that must be potential will kill hundreds of millions of humankind globally. H3N2 was found to the poultry but also something that was normal the flu kind to humankind. However varites that was contagious to the poultry and humankind apparently the difference in the level of his genetics. The Song team carried out the research into spread him in influenza to the dog animal.


    “From May till September 2007, various cases of difficult respiratory disease happened to the animal in three located livestock breeding clinics 10 through to 30 kilometre his distance in the Kyunggi Province and one located pen in the Jeolla Province (the south South Korean territory) ,” they wrote. A miniature succeeded in being found, but a champion, two dogs of Jindo Korea and seeorang a kind of Yorkshiore dog died. As many as 13 other dogs were in a pen infected, and had proof an amount ajing [typo? anjing = dog] other also was infected. According to the DNA analysis showed these viruses came from the dog that was enough close to his similarity with that bersal [bersalah = culpable/wrong] from chickens or the China duck in Hong Kong, Japan and China. The spreading of the virus avian influenze A to the species of the mammal was the big concern because that potential made the virus tesebut [typo? tersebut = above-mentioned] adapted in an infection the mammal just, passed new species barriers and got the potential pandemik,” they wrote.

    They were convinced the dog spread through food. “We while concluding that the spread happened when gave ate the dog that was mixt with the slice of duck meat or chicken,” they wrote. “In South Korea, the duck and the chicken that were not treated, including the interior organ and the head, already widely was used to give the dog ate to fatten the local dog. “Possibly/potentially the dogs were infected through the respiratory tract outcast in the birds market that afterwards this virus spread to that other,” they added. “Marketplace living birds will it was estimated be a network that was lost in epidemiology the virus avian infeluenza because they brought in a manner besama-be the same the big party like the chicken, the duck, the turkey, the goose and the dove, in a place that berinsentitas high that represented an environment that was ideal for the virus that spread between spesies,” they wrote. (rm/ar)

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    Re: The dog could spread the Antara Influenza Virus the Species

    "....Our experimental reproduction of the disease caused by this isolate induced severe pathologic changes and showed that infected dogs excreted influenza virus (H3N2) in nasal discharge but not in feces. This finding suggests that dog-to-dog transmission of subtype H3N2 could occur through the nasal route and that dog-to-dog transmission of the virus could play an
    important role in the epizootiology of the disease..."

    Transmission of Avian Influenza Virus (H3N2) to Dogs

    Daesub Song,*1 Bokyu Kang,*1 Chulseung Lee,* Kwonil Jung,† Gunwoo Ha,‡ Dongseok Kang,‡ Seongjun Park,§ Bongkyun Park,§ and Jinsik Oh‡


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      Re: The dog could spread the Antara Influenza Virus the Species

      Post #2 is from: Emerg Infect Dis. 2008 May

      So now I'm wondering if my post is talking about their article from May 2008?


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        Re: The dog could spread the Antara Influenza Virus the Species

        Evidently they are now just printing the article in Indonesia. It is the same study as post #2. I'll leave it here, because it is a good reminder.
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