The Vaccination Not the Solution to Bird Flu

Jum'at, 09 Januari 2009

The program of the poultry vaccination that was proclaimed by the government to prevent bird flu being focussed on by Dr Chairul Anwar Nidom DVM Ms, the researcher Tropical Disease Diagnostic Center (TDDC) Unair.

He said, this vaccination could precisely make the spreading of bird flu increasingly high. According to the Unair lecturer, the vaccination was almost certain can not stop the spreading of the bird flu pandemic.

In an other point, the vaccination could even make the virus increasingly raging because the poultry had antibodies.

Personally, I did not recommend the vaccination. Because, the step made the situation increasingly was difficult, said Nidom in Javanese Pos yesterday.

From the side of economics, continued Nidom, the vaccination could indeed bring the profit. Because, when being affected by the bird flu virus, the poultry that was vaccinated will not die. On the other hand, the poultry without the vaccination at once will die if flattest this deadly virus. But, his risk was big. Because, faeces (the waste, Red) the poultry continued to contain the virus. The potential to spread to humankind still really big/great,''jelas Nidom.