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29th World Veterinary Congress

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  • 29th World Veterinary Congress

    27-31 July, 29th World Veterinary Congress, Vancouver, Canada.


    Focusing on the theme “CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSITY” the program will offer opportunities for veterinarians and other veterinary health care providers in all fields. The program is divided into two major tracks:

    A) Clinical Practice/Private Practice
    B) Public Practice/Public Health

    These tracks will offer various simultaneous sessions and run from Monday through Thursday, guaranteeing a program of interest to all veterinarians, veterinary technicians and others with a role in animal health.

    A) THE CLINICAL PRACTICE /PRIVATE PRACTICE TRACK is specifically designed for individuals with an interest in private clinical practice. It will offer six (6) daily streams in small animal practice, one (1) in equine practice, one (1) in bovine practice and two (2) covering other species such as swine, small ruminants, laboratory animals, aquatic animals, etc. Invited speakers will cover topics in medicine, surgery, veterinary specialties, practice/business management, diagnostics and other areas of clinical interest.

    B) THE PUBLIC PRACTICE/PUBLIC HEALTH TRACK is primarily intended for veterinarians who are engaged in government service, research and development, and academia. Three (3) general themes will be employed and
    each theme will run over two days, with a keynote speaker setting the stage for the theme, followed by presentations selected by the Congress Committee from abstracts submitted by veterinarians from around the world.
    • Disease Surveillance, Biosecurity and Emergency Preparedness
      A country’s ability to detect disease among its animal population, its capability to prevent new diseases from invading and its effectiveness in responding when an unplanned situation arises is fundamental to the economic survival of its animal production industry. Many examples of diseases threatening public health, animal health and international trade have highlighted this fact over the past few years. This session will explore how various countries accomplish their goals in this regard as well as issues surrounding diseases of current interest.
    • Production Animal Welfare and Animal Care
      Animal production systems and procedures are under ever increasing scrutiny by consumers and members of the public. There is recognition by organizations, such as the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), that maintenance of animal health and animal welfare are inseparable and that animal welfare considerations should be science based. This session will consider a variety of areas in the field of production animal welfare, such as animal transport, humane slaughter whether for consumption or disease eradication, animal housing and production systems. Issues regarding animal welfare at various steps of the food chain will be addressed.
    • Judicious Use of Animal Health Products
      Concerns about antimicrobial resistance, hormone residues and environmental contamination are but a few examples of issues that challenge veterinarians on a daily basis. This session invites discussion on how we might best use various animal health products and what the real risks or advantages might be.
    Final PROGRAM