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China- Expert: Avian influenza virus has entered a new stage of evolution - H5N2 H5N1 H5N8 H7N9

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  • China- Expert: Avian influenza virus has entered a new stage of evolution - H5N2 H5N1 H5N8 H7N9

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    Avian influenza virus has entered a new stage of evolution

    Chinese egg Network / Time :2014-05-29 Editor: Source:

    Since the autumn of 2013, the avian influenza virus genes present on a number of different branches of the new strain, and the prevalence of the new strain is not the same, can be roughly divided into the south of Yangtze River, north two regions. This focus on several new strains emerge with time evolution of the phenomenon indicates that the virus come to a new stage. This year prevention target more difficult to larger public health problem may be more prominent, and the aquaculture industry needs to face greater challenges.

    The basic characteristics of each strain:

    A chicken source H5N6: Separation broiler in the south, the separation rate is not high, pathogenic strong routine immunization protective case is unclear.

    2, waterfowl source H5N8: separate geographic range, the separation rate, infection occurs in multiple areas of ducks, geese, forming a popular state. Wild waterfowl and domestic ducks also occurred similarly infected experimentally infected with highly pathogenic for chickens. Conventional vaccines and D7 water Qinmiao protection suspicious.

    3, H5N2: As early as the end of September 2013 was isolated, has been for months. The formation of several provinces in the northern region pandemic is a major pandemic strain. Mainly in small-scale farming households, especially in layer flocks, intensive field generating less.
    Applications 2013 7.2 branch home Vaccine H5N1 strain has a good protective effect, experimental poison attack death but not pathological changes, the current vaccine can also be applied. D7 water Qinmiao immune protection suspicious.

    4, H5N1: the northern region pandemic strain, H5N2 strains isolated rates below, which accounts for 20% -30% occurred in 7.2 branch unused vaccine own small breeders. Used their own seedlings large farming units rarely happens. D7 water Qinmiao protection and suspicious. Virulent strains.

    5, H7N9 subtypes: from October 2013 to start reporting cases of human infection with H7N9, December -2014 February epidemic peak form, causing huge economic losses to the poultry impact and production. Infected flocks have occurred in the clinical toxicity of different separation caused by different pathologies, are pathogenic to strong trend. Analysis of three different strains of clinical illness, death rate can never lethal to 5-8%, or even 15-20%. Egg drop to 20-30% from the obvious. Three different isolates of evolution location, early human isolates and strains far, there is a strain and pigeon close, another source close plants and people.

    Zhao Jixun according to clinical monitoring, prevention and control of bird flu put forward their own views:

    1, the predominant strain of the northern region is 7.2 branch H5N2, followed by the 7.2 branch of H5N1, need to focus 2.3.2 branch H5N1. Vaccine prevention to stick with 2013 H5N1 own seedlings 7.2 branch and joint use of R-6. If possible, make the best fight before laying H5N2 and 2.3.2H5N1 7.2 branch joint seedlings. Further research should be 2.3.4 branch of H5N1 in the first place, 2.3.4 southern branch of the prevention and control strains.

    2, H5N8 strains prevalent area of ​​ducks, geese source, highly pathogenic for chickens should be of particular concern, although the nature of chickens from waterfowl species more difficult to break, but it can still happen.

    3, H7N9 infection in humans and chickens will not stop, its impact on people and poultry production will continue, it is necessary to face the facts. Highly pathogenic H7N9 becomes stronger attention problems, once it becomes strong impact will be greatly enhanced.

    According to expert Zhao Jixun above the "bird flu prevention and control of respiratory disease and the current" finishing.
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