Muslim parents refuse to let their children take part in nationwide flu vaccine drive 'because treatment is not halal'

Nasal spray Fluenz Tetra contains pork gelatine, which is considered to be haram
Vegetarian Society raised concerns over the vaccine as recently as last year
Muslim Council of Britain said spray would only be permitted if lives were at risk
By Dianne Apen-sadler For Mailonline
Published: 20:05 EDT, 28 July 2019 | Updated: 03:45 EDT, 29 July 2019

Muslim parents are reportedly refusing to allow their children to have a nasal flu vaccine because the treatment is not halal.

Concerns were first raised over the spray - Fluenz Tetra - containing pork gelatine last year, but the issue has been highlighted again ahead of a new nationwide drive.

At the time, the Vegetarian Society branded the use of the ingredient in three vaccines as 'disappointing', while the Muslim Council of Britain said the spray would only be permitted if there was no alternative and lives were at risk.

Next month, every healthy child between two and 10 in England will be offered Fluenz Tetra to increase herd immunity...