Britain sets to increase support to cope with A/H1N1

2009-07-20 18:36:26

LONDON, July 20 (Xinhua) -- The British government will increase the support available for responding to cases of A/H1N1 in the country from the end of this week, local media reported on Monday.

Health Secretary Andy Burnham said the National Health Service (NHS) is continuing to cope well, but as A/H1N1 cases rise, antivirals will need to be distributed to greater numbers of people quickly.

The flu service will be able to quickly diagnose people with signs of the disease, Burnham said, adding that cases of A/H1N1 in Britain have so far proved to be generally mild in most people, but have been severe in a small minority cases.

"I want the public to be reassured that we have been preparing for the possibility for a pandemic for a number of years," he added.

The British government also provided pandemic flu hotline services, which people will be able to call to get advice on A/H1N1, and there are information on the NHS website available for pregnant women, children and holidaymakers.

Burnham said: "If you're going abroad, as ever, make sure you know where you can get medical advice."

The British government announced that 29 people have so far died of A/H1N1 flu in Britain.

More than 10,000 confirmed cases of the disease have so far been registered in Britain, according to the latest figures from the Health Protection Agency.