GIBRALTAR | 18 July 2009


by Jared Cooksey

As swine flu continues its alarming spread throughout the globe, Gibraltar has so far evaded the highly virulent virus.

Deaths from H1N1 in Spain and the UK have brought the issue back into sharp focus with thousands of new cases being diagnosed around the world each and everyday.

Despite regular routes linking the Rock with affected locations, no cases have yet been confirmed but the Gibraltar Health Authority are still calling on people to remain vigilant:

“All travellers who have flu-like symptoms within seven days of returning to Gibraltar from any country are asked to contact the Swine Flu Helpline.”

On the whole cases have been relatively mild but the death of a young six-year-old girl in North West London, with no underlying health conditions, has seen people swamp NHS Direct and the Government’s dedicated swine flu number.

An estimated 10,000 people have been diagnosed with the condition in Britain with GP surgeries now not testing people for the virus and instead treating all suspected cases as if they were swine flu.

However, this will not be the case, at least for the time being over here: “Gibraltar is not changing its strategy and will continue for the present to trace, test, treat and limit the disease as far as possible. The aim at present is to keep the virus out of the country for as long as this is practicable.”

Anyone with concerns or displaying symptoms should contact the Swine Flu Helpline on 200 44411

There is also a leaflet at: