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Wales: Parents warned against swine flu parties

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  • Wales: Parents warned against swine flu parties


    Parents warned against swine flu parties
    Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 13:00

    PARENTS thinking of arranging swine flu parties for their children in an attempt to get immunity against the virus while it is in a fairly mild form have been urged to think again by GPs.

    It comes after a further nine cases of swine flu have been confirmed in Wales, with two of the new cases in Swansea.

    Reports have emerged of people intentionally mixing with friends who have the flu. Their reasoning is that it is best to be infected before the winter when the virus could become more deadly.

    But public health experts have said that said such behaviour could undermine the fight against swine flu. They have also stressed that, while it was a mild flu, people would still be putting their health and the health of their children at risk.

    City GP Ian Millington, secretary of Morgannwg Local Medical Committee, said: "It's a silly idea at a time when a child has died of swine flu. It is contradictory to advice on infectious diseases. Why should we encourage the spread of an illness if a child catches it and then their disabled brother goes on to catch it? It seems to be against all sense, and it is irresponsible."