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Turkey: H1N1 flu reported in Ankara primary school - 57 deaths in the country

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    27 people Died from H1N1, H3N2

    Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu, the H1N1 virus of 27 people, 2-3 people died due to the virus but H2N3 swine influenza a outbreak of said question. İslam in Saudi Arabia cooperation organization (OIC) Turkey participating in the technical cooperation in the field of health evaluation meeting Magdy, Secretary General of the OIC after İyad met with marital status. Marital status with health, hygiene, and social issues of the Islamic countries in joint projects to lower income might be expressing what they talked to Gary, ' under the umbrella of the PRT to be of a strong health management leadership. In this sense, the Turkey is ready to do your part of. We decided to work on sharpening with this, 'he said.


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      H1N1 virus we've lost 57 men

      HEALTH Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu, Zika virus, Turkey is currently threatened in question, specifying whether or not, those who have lost their lives in Turkey the number of swine flu in a question about, ' H1N1 virus with 480. Of which about 280 of the H1N1 virus were detected. 120:00 negative were found. H1N1 virus 57 people lost, '' he said.