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Not bird but seasonal flu in Turkey

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  • Not bird but seasonal flu in Turkey

    Description of the Ministry of Health bird flu
    Ministry of Health, as a result of the investigations regarding allegations of bird flu in Mugla, Izmir, is still one of the patients were followed up four people, including seasonal flu (H1N1 influenza A two-person, two persons of influenza B), the virus has been detected,''the bird flu virus been encountered''reported.

    Counsellorship Press and Public Relations Ministry of Health, recently some media organs of Milas district of Muğla''sightings''of the allegations related to avian flu in humans was written explanation.

    Milas State Hospital at noon on March 18, 2011 referred to the diagnosis of acute bronchitis and pneumonia in a patient with respiratory failure occurred in Izmir and the ambulance helicopter was sent to the statement,''unfortunately died the same night, despite all the interventions. Hospital with similar symptoms a person has applied to the same family, the citizens in the ambulance were sent to Izmir. Immediately started treatment for outpatients diagnosed by taking samples sent to Ankara. General condition is good and continues to treat our patient follow-up and''the statement said.

    The statement, similar to the same family, two-person table of the detection of disease investigation was initiated in the region with emphasis on the Provincial Health Directorate of the cases lived, were recorded as follows:

    As a result of''the investigations, the death of poultry was detected in the region. Vatandaşımızla made close contacts of people with both health checks and taking samples sent to Ankara. As a result of laboratory examination of samples taken from the Refik Saydam Hygiene Center, one of the patients still being followed in Izmir, seasonal influenza, where 4 people (two-person influenza A H1N1, influenza B, two people), the virus has been detected, the bird flu virus has been found.''

    Seasonal influenza disease, between the months of November to April each year, is widely seen in the northern hemisphere countries, expressed in the statement, the following statements is as follows:

    ''The disease, unfortunately, also can lead to death. Aşılanmaktır most effective method of disease prevention. In addition, hand washing, sneezing and coughing during the closure of a tissue of the mouth and nose, crowded environments, such as ventilation measures should be taken frequently. Is still a non-human to human transmission of bird flu disease. Transmitted from animals to people who are carriers or sick poultry. Indonesia is currently the world, is seen in humans in some countries, mainly in Egypt and Vietnam. In our country, most recently in 2008, avian flu virus were detected in poultry was observed in later period. On bird migration routes due to the continuous monitoring of our country as the disease continues.''