The wave of influenza in Switzerland follows its detachment. But they stay above the infectious threshold, with 175 medical consultations for 100 ' 000 inhabitants last week, according to figures published on Wednesday by the federal Service of the public health.

The threshold of 72 consultations, from which they speak about epidemic, is exceeded for ten weeks. Impact was the most well brought up at the 15 - 29 years, with a rate about four times the upper in that of 65 years and more.

In comparison with the previous week, she remained constant in age groups from 15 to 64 years but diminished in all the others. Virulence besides went down more in the Eastern regions than in those from the west from the Switzerland. Finally, in a first influenzal wave owed in most cases to Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 overlaps a second wave of Influenza now B.