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  • The epidemic is stabilized

    French to English translation
    The epidemic is stabilized influenza is not yet complete, it reached a higher and has now stabilized.

    The wave of flu appears to have peaked in Switzerland last week, the number of physician visits related to influenza has remained stable at 312 per 100,000 inhabitants. This is shown by figures from the Federal Office of Public Health published Wednesday.

    The wave is not over. The figure of 72 consultations, from which we speak of an epidemic, is exceeded for seven weeks now. Since late 2010, the number of cases of influenza increased steadily, but at a much lower level than in recent years.

    Young people particularly affected

    This season, it is children and young people under 14 who are particularly concerned. They are seven times more sick with influenza than people over 64 years, wrote the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG).

    Almost half of the cases confirmed last week due to swine influenza virus, A (H1N1). While it was previously responsible for the majority of cases, it is now replaced by the influenza virus type B

    Only next week we will know if the peak is passed, said the BAG. For now, influenza activity declined in the cantons of Bern and Fribourg in Switzerland and north-west. In GraubŁnden and Ticino, the virus continues to spread, however.
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