A 40-year-old man, I fall ill with flu, he has died in the Hospital of Sant Joan after remaining several days deposited the Intensive care unit. As have told sanitary sources of the center, the patient was enduring flu A aggravated by a bronchopneumonia. Nevertheless, one is in expectation of knowing the result of diverse tests requested to determine the exact causes of the death, which took place at the end of last week. From the Management of the hospital they are sorry about the sad ending, but they have not wanted to contribute any type of information about the case not to give details of the case history of the patient . Likewise, the Conselleria of Health has not wanted to facilitate information on the number of deaths of this period. As it could have been known this newspaper of sources of the hospital, it was not the sick only one that these days it was remaining in the UCI suffering from flu, although the rest of patients who are in this service are major persons, more inclined to suffer complications for this virus.