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Spain: epidemiologic situation, 4-10 February

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  • Spain: epidemiologic situation, 4-10 February

    From the beginning of the period there has been notified a whole of 104 serious hospitalized confirmed cases of flu in 14 communities, of which men are a 61 per cent. Also, 77 per cent developed pneumonia and 38 per cent needed revenue in an Intensive care unit (UCI). The biggest number of cases registers in the groups from 45 to 64 years (24 %) and in the persons older than 64 years (24 %), followed by the group by 1 to 4 years (18 %). 70 per cent of the patients were presenting some risk factor of complications of flu, being the most frequent the immunodeficiency (19 %) and the cardiovascular chronic illness (16 %). Nevertheless, only 27 per cent of the patient in that the vaccination was recommended they had received the anti-flu vaccine of this period. Also, from the beginning of the period three have registered 8 deaths for virus of the flu confirmed by laboratory, four of them for virus B, for virus A/H1N1 and one for virus A/H3N2. Only one of four patients in whom the anti-flu vaccination of this period was recommended, had received the vaccine.