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A patient died in Slovenj Gradec for a new flu

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  • A patient died in Slovenj Gradec for a new flu

    In Slovenj hospital as a result of infection with flu die older chronic patient. The hospital is given to three patients in whom the infection with flu confirmed in nine, and is suspected of being infected.

    From General Hospital Slovenj Gradec was reported that night died today over the chronic patient who was infected with the H1N1 flu virus. Was hospitalized for breathing problems. Currently, the hospital department of internal medicine eight patients. In three of the new flu infection has been confirmed, but the five suspected okužbe.Zaradi risk of spreading infections in the hospital on 20 Last December, banned visits to the hospital. Exceptions are the Department of Gynecology, which may be present father-born wife and partner, and the pediatric department, where a sick child may be having a healthy starš.Že yesterday we reported on the limitations otherwise visit a hospital in Slovenia. The reason being is also an increased number of respiratory and viral infections.

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    Re: A patient died in Slovenj Gradec for a new flu

    Greek to English translation
    Slovenia: First victim of the H1N1 influenza

    Increased outbreaks of avian HIN1, known as swine flu, the countries of southeastern Europe.

    In Slovenia, the first death from H1N1 influenza virus was recorded in the Slovenian town Gkrantets. An elderly man, hospitalized in the town hospital in the last five days with breathing problems, died yesterday from complications of the virus. In the same hospital, three others hospitalized patients infected with swine flu.

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